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SPECIAL GALA EDITION 2019 works faith The story of RJ was not just about one man overcoming homelessness, but how Catholic Charities is solving homelessness in our community. Cicelia’s story was not just about one woman healing from addiction and rebuilding her family, but the roadmap we are following to help all families lift their next generation out of poverty. I am hopeful because YOU ARE THE MIRACLE that is bringing stability and hope to all in Eastern Washington. We may sometimes disagree about how to get there, but as long as we keep listening to each other compassionately and as long as we never become afraid to take a risk for the poor, my heart is filled with hope that love will always win. Blessings,

Dear Friends, As I reflect on our 11th annual Catholic Charities Gala, my heart is filled with hope. Hope seems like a crazy emotion when our world feels so dark. But the Gala offered example after positive example of the light our community can create when we work together. My heart is filled with hope because of our supporters. YOU ARE THE MIRACLE that makes our work possible! Chatting with you before dinner, I was inspired by your personal experiences with our clients and your family traditions of service to the poor. I was moved by the lives of service presented in the biographies of the recipients of the Volunteer of the Year, Donna Hanson and Bishop’s Medal awards. Together, these stories light the path toward hope. The resilience of our clients also fills my heart with hope. The stories of RJ and Cicelia show how our impact ripples far beyond the 70,000 clients we served last year.

President & CEO

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