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August 2018

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Defying the Stereotype!

There are plenty of jokes about how boring accountants are, but what happens when 100 CPAs gather in a conference room? The answer might surprise you! Every year, Borbala and I attend a business development conference for accountants. I am always excited to go because this event is the polar opposite of what you would expect a CPA conference to be. The attendees are full of energy, the speakers are interesting and fun, and there is no talk about debits and credits at all. entrepreneurs first and foremost, and they just happen to be in the accounting industry. Being surrounded by people who share this mindset changes the conversation from boring accounting topics to interesting and practical ideas that can be implemented in the real world. The presenters come fromdiverse backgrounds. Over the years, I’ve met dentists, writers, comedians, andmath experts. All of themhave one thing in common: They all share an entrepreneurial attitude that motivates them to use their own specific skills tomake other people’s lives better. There aremanyways to success… The best part of meeting other business owners is learning their stories of how they built their businesses. I’m always amazed by how different people create success in unique ways. Even within a relatively narrow field like accounting, I’ve met people who built very different but equally profitable businesses. Some focus on complex but rare tax issues, some prepare simpler tax returns and do payroll, and others provide business consulting. This summer I met a couple who make toys for pet rabbits. I had no idea that there was a market for such products, but apparently people who have pet rabbits are willing to spend money on handmade toys specifically designed for them. What makes this event unique? It all starts with the attendees. These people are

If you have a superior work product and create value for your clients, there are infinite ways to create success.

There aremanyways to success, but look out for the pitfalls along theway! According to a 2010 study conducted at Bristol University, we learn the most from the failure of others, because watching a competitor fail activates both our reward and learning circuits simultaneously. This study confirms the age-old saying that“the wise learn from the mistakes of others.”

What I like most about this conference is that the attendees are not afraid to share their mistakes. Some of these candid conversations savedme thousands of dollars over the years. For example, one night over dinner, I had a conversation with a CPA from Boston who had spent a considerable amount of money with a social media company. I was thinking about hiring this company in the future, so I asked him about his experience. He described the details of what worked for him, but he also talked about what went wrong and what should I avoid doing. This short conversation savedme fromwastingmy time andmoney. How to avoid the pitfalls… To develop your own unique success, be proactive and avoid the mistakes others have already made. Because we believe in overdelivering when it comes to value, we offer monthly or quarterly CFO coaching/advising sessions for our top clients. Our existing clients who attend these powerful sessions tell us that they get so much clarity from themwhen it comes to their businesses. Together, we“look behind the numbers”to understand the story those numbers tell us about your business. We look at your key performance indicators, metrics, pricing, ROI on marketing expenditure, efficiency of employees, your overall goals with the business, and how to reach the profitability that you seek. Take action! For the first time ever, we’d like to invite you to our quarterly, in-person, full-day learning days that we host with a group of our top clients in the CFO coaching group. The next one takes place on Friday, Sept. 14. For details, email .

You’ll love spending the daywith fellowbusiness owners whose goals are to build their ideal business andmake an impact.

–Laszlo Szilagyi, CPA

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