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Don’t Let Arthritis Pain Stop You!


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Don’t Let Arthritis Pain Stop You!

hard to protect your joints by absorbing the natural shocks that your body experiences on a daily basis. Therefore, much of your likelihood regardingOsteoarthritis is dependent upon the physical and nutritional lifestylesyoupartake in.Jointalignmentcanalterandthemusclesaround a joint can weaken over time, causing the cartilage to shift or thin. As cartilage wears down, Osteoarthritis becomes much more common. As Osteoarthritis progresses, more symptoms can arise. The most common symptoms are:

As we all age, our bodies experience a certain “wear and tear” on cartilage and joints. This can cause inflammation and pain, known as arthritis. According to the American Arthritis Foundation, Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, making itself apparent in people as they age. It can certainly take a toll on one’s body, resulting in achy or painful joints after exercise, after a long day on one’s feet, or even after prolonged periods of inactivity, thus causing joints to constrict. The most common areas of Osteoarthritis are found in the fingers, hips, knees, and spine. These are all joints that we use excessively, even in our daily lives. Just think - by the time you lift yourself out of bed, shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and prepare to begin your day, you’ve already used these joints a multitude of times. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that pain can occur in them over time. If you believe you may be experiencing Osteoarthritis, give one of our physical therapists a call today to discuss pain relief. Why Do We Experience Osteoarthritis? While it is true that Osteoarthritis is most common in older folks, that is not always necessarily the case. It is possible that Osteoarthritis can present itself in younger adults, especially if they are prone to weak joints, poor dieting, or if they aren’t very active. Your cartilage works

• Joint pain.

• Swelling or tenderness in or around the joint(s).

• Inflammation or flare-ups of pain in the joint(s) after use.

• Feeling stiff after sitting or laying down for prolonged periods of time, especially when getting up in the morning. • Crepitus - also referred to as a “cracking or crunching” feeling when moving the joint(s), or the sound of bone rubbing on bone. For more information about osteoarthritis, call your physical therapist at FYZICAL today!

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How Can Physical Therapy Help? According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, 1 in 5 adults are diagnosed with arthritis annually. Physical and occupational therapy are the most common treatments for Osteoarthritis, usually helping with the relief of joint pain in just a few sessions. If you have arthritis, don’t fret - there is hope! While anti-inflammatory and pain medications will help for the time being, they are very much a short-term solution. Physical therapy can help in actually strengthening your joints and muscles once again, allowing for a much healthier and long-term pain relief solution. Occupational therapy will also help in learning to use your joints in new ways once again, allowing for the highest quality of life despite the severity of your arthritis.

Our physical therapists are trained to help you with joint alignment, stability, muscle regeneration, and most importantly, pain relief. They are dedicated to helping you get back to your normal levels of mobility. Don’t settle for a life of aches and pains - physical therapy can get you back on your feet and doing the activities you used to love! If you are suffering from Osteoarthritis, give us a call today - we can get you back to living your best, most pain-free life.

Source https://www.aota.org/~/media/Corporate/Files/AboutOT/Professionals/WhatIsOT/PA/Facts/ Arthritis%20fact%20sheet.pdf https://www.arthritis.org/

Exercise Essentials

Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotic Special $ 299

Knee Extension While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Repeat 6-10 times on each leg.

• Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is the most common cause of heel pain. • Eighty-one to 86 percent of patients with PF have excessive pronation. • Early recognition and management of PF leads to greater chance of success with conservative therapy. • Use of custom orthotics can result in reduced pain for those who suffer from PF. For your FREE screening with our FOOTMAX technology system call our office today or email craig@fyzicalct.com

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Patient Success Spotlight “I am back to being able to do everything I could do before my surgery!” “I was here last year for knee replacement, and when I had to get therapy on my other knee, there was no doubt I would be coming back! My therapist was very caring and listened to my needs. I had back issues this time too, so we needed to modify some things. I feel like my therapist went above what was needed, and I would recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy! I am back to being able to do everything I could do before my surgery. Thanks!” - M.M.

Meet The Staff Staff Spotlight

Dr. Keith Sobkowiak, DPT, L/ATC

his education by taking McKenzie courses to further his knowledge in treating neck, low back, and extremity injuries; in order to help his patients return to functional as quickly as possible as well as make them able to prevent and maintain their healthy status. Come see Keith at FYZICAL for all your rehabilitation and physical therapy needs! In his free time, Keith enjoys playing softball, skiing, and hiking with his wife, Melissa, son Bryce, and dog, Penny.

Keith had been with FYZICAL since September 2009. In November of 2017 Keith joined FYZICAL Wallingford as a partner. Keith also oversees operations at both our Bristol and Southington

locations. Keith has had the opportunity to work with many athletes in his career, including the San Francisco Giants, which is one of his favorite types of patients. He also enjoys treating athletes, shoulder injuries, as well as spine and knee injuries. Keith has also completed his level 1 certification with the Titleist Performance Institute which is focused on functional assessment and golf fitness. Keith is also continuing

Healthy Recipe Cherry Berry Oatmeal Smoothie

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INGREDIENTS • 1/3 cup quick-cooking rolled oats • ½ cup light almond milk • ¾ cup fresh strawberries • ½ cup fresh dark sweet cherries • 1-2 tbsp almond butter • 1 tbsp honey • ½ cup small ice cubes

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DIRECTIONS In a medium bowl combine water and oats. Microwave 1 minute. Stir in ¼ cup of the milk. Microwave 30 to 50 seconds more or until oats are very tender. Cool 5 minutes. In a blender combine oat mixture, the remaining ¼ cup milk, and the next four ingredients (through honey). Cover and blend until smooth, scraping container as needed. Add ice cubes; cover and blend until smooth. If desired, top each serving with additional fruit. http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/259841/cherry-berry-oatmeal-smoothies/

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