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The harp is one of the oldest instruments in human history. As such, almost every culture has developed its own unique variation of the instrument. The Peruvian harp is known as a diatonic harp because unlike that of western classical harps, the Peruvian harp is without peddles, and thus can only be tuned to one particular scale. >>>> Artist: Hossein Khandan, is a global citizen and an award winning Iranian-American writer/director with more than forty years experience. He was introduced to making 8mm films at a local library’s workshop in Tehran, in 1979. Soon after, he was chosen as an assistant director with many acclaimed Iranian directors such as Kianoush Ayari and Daruish Mehrjui.

Artist:Hossein Khandan Photography Printed on canvas Title:Peru Live Music

32 x 24 in Lot: 3754 Starting bid: $700


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