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The Iranian miniature drives from the ancient miniature of china. When both Iran and china were under the occupation of the Mongol, these two countries made commercial and cultural relations. Consequently, inspiring from the Chinese artists, the Iranian miniature came to existing. The second stage of the evolution of the Iranian miniature took place during the Teymooryan dynasty. The Harat school appeared in this area. The most famous artist of this area Behzad, who illustrated the Shahnameh-ye Bysonghory. The main characteristic of this two era this being descriptive. The Iranian miniaturists inclined toward illustrating religious or poetical books as a result, painting become a part of those books. it missed its independence.

Artist: Reza Doust Mixed Media Collage in canvas Title: Orange Pomegranate1 175 x 200 cm Lot: 402 Starting bid: $16000


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