Clean Crawls July 2017

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JULY 2017


Seven years ago, a friend of mine, David Epperson, went to Malawi, Africa, to get a nonprofit started. There are countless charity organizations in Africa, but, as my friend put it, “They’re all about giving the people a fish instead of teaching them how to fish.” This model might provide temporary relief, but it ultimately does the people a disservice if they are unable to sustain themselves and their families for the long term. E3 Worldwide, the nonprofit Dave founded with members of the Malawi community, aims to teach people how to take care of themselves in a better way. Their motto is “Educate, Empower, and Employ.” Volunteers teach Malawians how to grow their own food, fix wells, build schools, microfinance businesses, improve health care, and create a sustainable community that doesn’t have to rely on continued outside aid. Clean Crawls has donated time and money to E3 over the years, including $10,000 that helped build living dorms last year. I’m part of E3’s U.S. board and have been to Malawi four times to volunteer. Malawi is one of the world’s least-developed countries. The first time I went out there, I saw people living in villages made of huts, with no power or running water. It was a shock to the system. That said, Malawi is called “The Warm Heart of Africa,” and this is more than a nickname. As bad as things might be in the eyes of someone from the United States, the people of Malawi are always smiling. They are happy and more than willing to work hard and help out. It’s an amazing place to volunteer because the people are so excited about everything that’s going on. You can’t help but feel optimistic yourself. In the past few years, I have honestly witnessed miracles take place. The organization’s impact is unbelievable. For example, the country suffers from a terrible HIV/AIDS epidemic, and part of E3’s efforts involve teaching people with these conditions how to live better. In From Washington to Malawi With E3 Worldwide EDUCATE, EMPOWER, EMPLOY

Mawali, I’ve spoken with people who lived with HIV for years, but you would never be able to tell, because they’ve been taught how to better manage their condition. They know what to eat and what medications they must take to feel healthy and be able to work every day without worry. It’s amazing to see how much good one organization is able to do. Some of these areas have improved so much that people from other places are begging to get in — hence the new dorms. The ultimate goal of E3 is to equip Malawians with the tools they need to help other Malawians. Most of the E3 staff members in Malawi are Malawian themselves. They, more than anyone, want to see these communities improve and build a better life for the people who call Malawi home. It feels good to know the work you’ve done during a trip will bring running water to an isolated village, but it’s even better to know you’ve helped educate the villagers, so they can build future wells themselves. If you’re interested in learning more about E3 Worldwide, I encourage you to visit their website at E3 is a wonderful organization, and I am proud to be a part of it. - Chuck Henrichsen



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