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FREEDOM OF CHOICE What Do You Celebrate on the 4th?

In school, we’re taught the Fourth of July is a day to remember when the American colonies declared their independence against British rule. Over 240 years later, we celebrate with fireworks, parades, family gatherings, and, in my family, a summer cookout complete with baby back ribs, polish sausage, chicken and Hawaiian rolls. My family’s Fourth of July usually consists of a family gathering followed by watching fireworks. While the historical significance of Independence Day is important, I believe we should celebrate the freedoms that play an active role in our lives today. “To me, independence and Independence Day are about the ability to have choice.” Freedom demands ongoing action. It’s not one and done. Our nation’s history is full of instances of people demanding their freedoms over and over again. Even today, service members continue to fight and die to protect our freedoms here and across the world. Fourth of July is about so much more than the one time a bunch of guys stood around and signed a document. To me, independence and Independence Day are about the ability to have choice. Being truly independent means that you can make the choices that will lead to the greatest amount of happiness in your life, provided your choices do not take away another person’s ability to choose. Choice is a very big responsibility, and we have to use our freedom of choice wisely. Every decision we make has an impact on our life, positive or negative. Right now, it’s very popular to become an entrepreneur. People often go into business for themselves because they like the freedom that comes with not having to answer to a boss. But entrepreneurs have to be responsible with that freedom. When no one is telling you to work, you can easily choose not to work, or not to work as hard as you should. Then you are left with the consequences of that choice, like not having enough money to pay your bills.

As a physical therapist, I see people all the time who are making the choice to take care of their health. They have lived in pain, and instead of closing in on themselves and staying home, they are committed to getting better. My patients have decided to go through the hard work that comes with overcoming pain, because they know that’s what it will take to enjoy more freedoms in the future. Their choice means one day they can go back to work, enjoy a picnic, visit the beach with their family, or just walk across the roomwithout being in constant pain. I greatly admire them for this choice and am proud to help them get there, every step of the way. I wish all of you a happy Fourth of July. May you have the choice to spend your holiday how you want and to celebrate with the people you love.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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