University Lands FY22 Annual Report


The University Lands Mineral and Surface Land team and the Natural Resource Development team are made up of experienced land, geoscience, engineering, and data professionals who have a deep technical understanding of resources and effective contracting strategies. Together, the teams strategically focus on maximizing development of oil and gas minerals on PUF Lands.

They do this by:

ƒ Identifying best practices in completion designs, landing depth and development strategies ƒ Working with operators towards continuous and well- paced development ƒ Performing comprehensive subsurface studies to understand recoverable resource potential ƒ Improving compliance and accuracy of data retrieval and the application of innovative data analytics ƒ Working with operators where opportunities exist for growth and/or improved economics, including the testing of new formations and the piloting of varying well spacing and completions methods ƒ Negotiating agreements and other contracts that maximize the development value of the minerals ƒ Ensuring rights under existing contracts and state statutes are being met

ƒ Identifying opportunities to repatriate acreage

ƒ Initiating and helping direct acreage swaps between operators to maximize horizontal development opportunities


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