University Lands FY22 Annual Report


The PUF Lands are geographically positioned over several of the region’s major and minor aquifers, so managing the groundwater in the Permian Basin is vital to the Lands’ continued health. Promoting prudent commercial opportunities and supporting the success of water-related commercial ventures on PUF Lands is critical to UL. Finding the balance between conserving the land and increasing revenue is the key to long-term success.

In FY22, UL continued to promote stewardship through its Groundwater Management Plan. UL monitors groundwater utilization by requiring all mineral developers to meter and report water sources from PUF Lands and imported water. Collectively, 568 operator-owned water meters and nine water import meters are reported monthly. UL also continued to promote and advocate for producers to recycle their produced water for well completion fluid need by enabling installation of produced water recycling facilities and produced water pits, and efficient water transfer via lay flat pipe.

61,867,800 Barrels of produced water were used for oil and gas well completions in FY22 That translates to the amount of groundwater conserved throughout the year.

groundwater management plan goals:

Determine water use, supply and demand


ƒ Develop best practices for efficient use and waste minimization of groundwater

ƒ Develop a monitor well network and water well inventory

ƒ Continue development of the Dockum (Santa Rosa) aquifer ƒ Continue development and refinement of water well drilling and production ƒ Evaluate opportunities to provide information for water planning ƒ Create web-based groundwater database to allow users to access and upload water well and groundwater use data ƒ Perform hydrological studies to define the groundwater resources on University Lands


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