University Lands FY22 Annual Report

What We Are Doing

Contractual requirements and state and federal law Oil & gas operators on PUF Lands are required by contract to comply with all state and federal laws and regulations. UL also requires use of best operating practices to minimize releases to the environment. Fugitive emission and flare inspections UL performs routine leak detection facility and flare inspections using an optical gas imaging camera and ensures appropriate corrective actions are performed when emissions are observed .

Non-productive/marginal well initiative UL’s routine inspections of oil & gas operations ensures marginal wells are properly plugged and any associated emissions are eliminated.

Royalty payments required on all gas Royalty is due and payable on flared gas, incentivizing operators to minimize the practice.

Collaboration with experts and industry UL engages in regular dialogue, collaboration and sharing of best practices with scientists and engineers and industry associations and shares these learnings with operators.

Commitment to best practices and technology UL encourages operators’ adoption of reliable control technologies and proactive inspection and repair.

Commitment to research UL seeks opportunities to support and/or participate in government, industry, and academic collaborative research projects.

Best practices UL requires best operating practices to help ensure reductions


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