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How to have a happy holiday season when you’re flying solo

Are you spending the holidays alone this year? Whether or not it’s by choice, there are many ways you can make the most of a solo holiday season. First, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate Christmas by yourself. Just let your friends and family know that you’d rather be alone and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about your decision. But if you don’t actually want to spend the holidays on your own, remember that being alone doesn’t have to feel lonely! There are a number of different ways to meet people over the holidays.

• Go to a singles event or a religious service • Go outside — solo sports like skiing and skating are especially great for meeting new people • Attend a Christmas event in your com- munity (activities, shows, dances) or a holiday dinner that’s open to the public (check out hotels, inns and night clubs) • Invite neighbours or acquaintances who are also spending the holidays alone over for brunch • Donate your time — volunteering is a wonderful way to spread joy all around you during this season of love and sharing!

you might as well treat yourself. Catch a last-mi- nute flight so- mewhere warm, hit the spa to re- lax and recharge, spend some time on a pet project or whip up your favourite des- sert — you can do whatever you please without worrying about

If you’re going to be spending time alone,

anyone but yourself. Happy holidays!

Gifts to enjoy down to the last drop Do your friends love to toast on special occasions? Do they love sha- ring drinks with friends on a Friday night, or chasing away the winter blues with a mug of something warm? Here are a few drinkable gift ideas they’re sure to love. a cold winter day. • Herbal teas. Great for relaxation, diges- tion or simply warming up, herbal teas are renowned for their many virtues. Sweet, tart or spicy — what flavours do your friends and family most enjoy?

should do the trick.

• Cider. Sparkling or flat, iced or warm, cider has the ability to make all taste buds happy — as an aperitif or for dessert, or even along with the main course! • Wine and spirits. Whether your friends prefer wine or brandy, you can’t go wrong by giving your hosts a nice bottle to share on a special occasion. Are you looking for something unique? Why not wrap up some artisanal soft drinks, or even a few bottles of luxury sparkling water?

• Tea. Vanilla, caramel, peppermint, oolong, pu’erh, matcha, ginger — there’s a lot more than Earl Grey on today’s tea scene. • Hot chocolate. Whether store-bou- ght or homemade (you’ll find tons of recipe ideas online), nothing beats a soothing mug of hot chocolate on

• Coffee. Latté mixes, flavoured coffees, imported coffees, sustainable brands; there’s a wide range of specialty coffees available on the market today. Give someone a bag of their favourite blend, or help them discover something new!

• Beer. For the hops lover in your life, an assortment of locally brewed beers

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