Santa Claus Here comes This Christmas, give the gift that keeps on giving

Subscription services are popping up in every niche under the sun and creating a whole new world of gift-giving possibili- ties. From the practical to the downright strange, you could easily find a subscrip- tion to dazzle everyone on your shopping list. Need some ideas? Read on.

examples of products you can have delive- red to your friends and family.

You can also go the traditional route with a magazine or newspaper subscription. Physical items aren’t the only thing you can sign up for: think

specialized ca- ble channels, music and movie strea- ming services or season pas- ses for concert venues and amusement parks. And for the practical- minded, why not go with a monthly or yearlong public transit pass, or even a subs- cription to a roadside assis- tance service? In short, with a bit of imagi- nation — and research —

One type of subscription service that’s exploding in popularity is the monthly box model. The idea: each month, the recipient gets to disco- ver a curated selection of products ac- cording to a predetermi- ned theme. In other words, you can subscribe so- meone to just about any- thing: beauty

products, baby and maternity items, craft supplies, underwear, tea, specialty foods, craft beer and gaming gear are just a few

you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect subscription to please your brother, mother or significant other!


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