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Families around the world are finding new ways to spend time with each other, and their homes are changing accordingly. Whether your family members are video gamers, movie enthusiasts, or board game fans, everyone can benefit from having a dedicated entertainment room. Here are some tips for putting one together. USEYOUR SPACEWISELY. Consider the advantages and challenges of your available space. You don’t want small spaces to feel cramped, and you don’t want large spaces to feel empty. If your room is small, then design the space to serve multiple purposes, like installing a bar with a TV on the opposite wall. If your room is large, then why not have two or more TVs to let visitors play multiple games or watch different shows? A projector can also be used to maximize a room’s space. It allows you and your guests to utilize an entire wall without requiring much physical space. SET UP SURROUND SOUND. Whether you’re using your entertainment room for movies, music, video games, or all of the above, investing in high-quality speakers will pay off instantly. You can set them up around the room for clearer, more immersive sound for movies and games, and by spacing out each speaker, you can eliminate cord clutter and tangle. SOUNDPROOFYOUR SPACE. Trying to impress your guests with great sound doesn’t mean that your entire neighborhood has to hear what you’re watching! Soundproofing not only helps shield your neighbors

from action game explosions and booming movie scores, but it also improves the sound quality in the room. Thick curtains and carpets, wall-mounted foam panels, or freestanding acoustic panels work for basic soundproofing, but if you plan to utilize your space every day and night, then consider hiring a contractor to help estimate materials and cost for a more sophisticated soundproof space. HAVE GREAT LIGHTING. There’s nothing more inviting than a well- lit space, and this also applies to your entertainment room. Whether you’re playing a board game or putting together puzzles with the whole family, mood lighting can make the experience feel even more cozy and special. Try experimenting with different, stylish lamps or overhead fixtures to light up your space.


JULY 16 ‘Summertime Blues’

AUG. 20 ‘Back-to-School Special’

We’re taking a break in between “PILOT” novels, so this month we’ll be posting about how the first novel even happened and what went into it and soliciting some feedback from you, the readers. We can see the traffic, and we appreciate it. Someone’s going to win an Amazon gift card for telling us what they think! Also, we have a glimpse into what’s coming in the next “PILOT” novel. Read more, catch up on prior chapters, and perhaps learn a few things at or PilotMysteryCh13.

SEPT. 17 To Be Announced

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MARCH TO 1 MILLION UPDATE Check with us next month. We are changing the way we calculate the update number because it was increasing too quickly. You have to keep challenging yourself. –Greg

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