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TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING Reach your list of 7,000+ emails using creatively designed messaging. Receive detailed reporting on open rate, click thru rate, and more as well as information on who specifically clicked these emails so that you can personally follow up. Follow The Eyes will drive traffic to gather leads from the landing page utilizing the following strategies: • Is it possible to remove a zero from your tax liability? • Are capital gains hindering your portfolio returns? • Is your tax bracket setting you up for failure? • Is a zero percent tax bracket attainable for high net worth individuals? Learn how five critical areas that, when built and implemented properly, work in tandem to address income, investments, taxes, healthcare, and legacy planning. FTE will help HOF Financial build brand awareness and generate incoming leads using a combination of email, social media, and targeted display marketing. We’ll start by building an informational landing page on your website to educate users on the below information: • The tax bombshell that is about to hit their retirement portfolio. We believe an impending financial storm is on the horizon. • Trump’s 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has opened a window of opportunity to create tax efficiency in currently tax deferred accounts. Changes in income tax brackets, capital gains tax structure, and standard deduction limits, all work in favor of high net worth clients and those who have saved money in tax deferred accounts. • Proper planning may be able to help you remove a zero from your tax liability and create future income streams that are completely tax free. This window is only open until 2026 when the sunset clause resets our tax code to 2017 rates which for 5 out of the 7 tax brackets means at least a 2-4% increase in tax liability. Learn the answers to many questions including:


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