King's Business - 1935-07

The Bible Family Magazine


J h t i h t a J a a up

C H R IS T I N T H E C IT IES By John Bunyan Smith A R O U N D T H E W O R L D W I T H T H E GOSPEL By Oscar S. Zintmermann R E V IV A L I N EU ROPE By Ruth Paxson Next¿Enuttf W H E R E A R E T H E M A R K S O F T H E CROSS ? By Will H. Houghton T H E M IN IS T E R ’S SEC U LA R R E A D IN G By Wilbur M. Smith

T H E H O U S E AC R O S S T H E H E D G E ( A Story) By Grace Livingston Hill

Internationally known as one of the finest examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture in America, the structure pictured at the right is called the Tower of the Science of Man. Mark­ ing the western entrance to Balboa Park, San Diego, where the California Pacific International Exposition is be­ ing held, this structure emphasizes, in its name, the deep-rooted desire of man for self-exaltation. Yet “ what is man, that thou {Lor

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