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Running a service business isn’t easy. I’ve been there. I spent the first 10 years of my service business in struggle and frustration as I tried, and failed, and tried again to work harder, squeeze out another hour of working time, and push through the stress to create a successful business. But there was a turning point that prompted my business partner and me to stop the insanity and start turning things around. The 12–13 years after that turning point were completely different — we experienced rapid growth, scaling up, big money, a big team, and more. A number of things changed from our decade of struggle to our era of growth and success. But it all can be traced back to one simple question Rob and I asked that ultimately changed the game for us. It didn’t work; I was maxed out. I remember the day so clearly: Rob wanted to meet at the office, and I assumed it was just a quick meeting to touch base on a couple of projects. But when he came in, he looked different. He said he was burnt out and couldn’t continue, therefore he needed to step away from the business. And it was in that moment that the change occurred, because we accidentally stumbled upon a simple question that has made us millions and millions of dollars since we first asked it. You see, when Rob said he’d have to step away from the business, the options ran through my mind:

Do I argue with Rob and try to convince him to stay? (No, he’d eventually burn out.)

That question has continued to serve us. At every problem, at every challenge, at every obstacle, at every frustration, at every stress point, we simply ask: What if there is another way? You see, when we’re faced with a situation (good or bad), we can become easily bogged down in the options our minds assume are the only choices available to us. There are usually other options we haven’t considered, but we never stop to think about them. So asking this question forces you to realize that there may be other alternatives. And I’ve learned over the years that every situation in life has other possibilities, choices, and paths that we didn’t realize existed until we ask the question. But here’s the thing you have to realize: Just because you ask the question doesn’t mean you will immediately discover the answer. And it also doesn’t mean that you will immediately discover the answer inside your own mind. But you need to ask the question first to open yourself up to the possibility that there are other choices that can serve you and help you squeeze a positive outcome out of a negative situation. That’s what happens at the Service Business Edge events that we hold at CEO Warrior. Business owners attend because some of them are doing well and they want to grow, and others attend because they are frustrated and trying to figure out what to do. We ask and answer the question, “What if there is another way?” Continued on page 3 ...

Do I continue working in the company by myself? (No, I’d burn out.)

Do we shut the company down and work for someone else? (No, I didn’t want to do that either.) It looked like the three options available to us were all bad options. What would you do in a situation like that? I suspect most people would try to figure out the “least bad” option and take that one. But that’s when I asked a question for perhaps the first time — a question I would end up asking almost daily for the rest of my life. It’s a question that has brought in tens of millions of dollars into my business and it’s a question that I ask everyone all the time. When I asked this question the first time — with Rob and me in our office as we contemplated the future of our company — the answer came to us: There is another way! We can change the business completely so that it serves us instead of working us too hard and getting us nowhere. And that’s what we did. We started actively seeking out the answers and investing in our education (which we still do; we’ve invested more than $1.3 million each in our education over the years), and that turned the company around. What if there is another way?


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