EEA Policy 23-24

Extra Access Arrangements Policy | 23-24


SCL recognises that some learners will require alternative arrangements or considerations whilst on learning programmes or to complete assessments/examinations. These are referred to as Extra Access Arrangements. SCL will ensure that learning programmes and where applicable, assessment and/or examinations do not disadvantage learners with SEND. The Equality Act 2010 requires Awarding Organisations (AO) to make reasonable adjustments to ensure a learner, who is disabled as defined in the Act, is not placed at a substantial disadvantage in comparison to those who are not. Assessment should be a fair test of learners’ knowledge and what they’re able to do, however, for some learners the usual format of assessment may not be suitable. The provision for reasonable adjustments and special consideration arrangements is made to ensure that learners receive recognition of their achievement so long as the equity, validity and reliability of the assessments and/or examinations can be assured. Such arrangements are not concessions to make attainment easier, nor to advantage learners with SEND but to ensure this cohort of learners have a fair and equal opportunity to achieve. There are 2 ways in which access to fairness can be maintained, these are through:  Reasonable adjustments – agreed before the assessment/examination takes place.  Special considerations – applied post assessment/examination.


A reasonable adjustment is any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the learner at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment or examination. Reasonable adjustments must not affect the integrity of what is being assessed. Reasonable adjustments must be approved by the Awarding Organisation in advance of the assessment/examination taking place. Reasonable Adjustments are individualised to learner’s specific needs and are not dictated by the disability and/or difficulty itself but by the impact on learning and whether the learner would be disadvantaged in an assessment/examination without these in place.

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