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March 2020


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Falling in Love With Reading Again

I f you would have told me five years ago that I would be reading at the rate that I do now, I would have thought you were crazy. Physical therapists — or any professional who has completed a doctoral level of education — will tell you the last thing they want to do when they graduate is read another book. Physical therapy school burns us out from reading, and after spending years having to complete many 400–500-page books, we’re very excited to work with our hands and read as little as possible. As the parent of a 3 1/2-year-old and 1 1/2-year- old, I treasure few things as much as a little peace and quiet. I love my kids, and hearing them play every day is a joy. But when they are awake, our home is full of “Paw Patrol,” “PJ Masks,” or whatever is on Disney at that time. So I also love the moments when they go down for a nap and I can crack open my book. Years ago, I would use this time to catch up on television, but I’ve found that when my kids wake up to a quiet house instead of the roar of whatever I’m watching, they wake up peacefully and quietly. My wife also shares my love of reading. Although, she’s one to become so engrossed in a book that she forgoes sleep until nearly midnight. I don’t know how she does it. I have to peel myself away after my eyelids begin to close, but she needs to fly through the book to the end. Our kids have also become more involved in reading. In fact, our oldest was just trying to convince us to read more books before bedtime. Of course, this could just be him trying to stay But I recently rekindled my love of books, and it’s been a reunion I’ve needed for a while.

up late, but I’m glad to see him get excited about stories. One of our friends even wrote a book that he really enjoys called “Sammy’s Physical Therapy Adventure.” (Our son calls it his “doctor book.”) We also enjoy reading “5-Minute Disney Classic Stories,” which break down the plots of popular movies into stories for kids. I’m personally a big fan of historical nonfiction books, and when my family found out I had been bitten by the reading bug again, they didn’t hesitate to get me all sorts of war history books for Christmas. I have enough to last me a long time now! At the time of writing this, I’m reading “Killing the SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. But I’m also a really big fan of motivational books. In fact, I enjoy listening to these on my commute through Audible. I enjoyed listening to “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, and anything by Zig Ziglar is powerful to read or listen to. As long as a book can suck me in, I’m bound to continue reading. I like hearing about the paint peeling off the wall or the rickety house that nearly sways with the wind. These stories place me in the details, smack in the middle of the story. I become wrapped up in each book, finding ways I can apply the lessons in them into my own life. As I continue this hobby, I’m learning there are so many lessons to be found in hundreds of pages of many books.

“I becomewrappedup in each book, finding ways I can apply the lessons in them into my own life.”

I’m just glad I decided to read again and can learn these lessons.

–Dr. Jon Milliron 1

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