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“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” Chinese proverb

Editor’s comment

What better way to start a new year than reading thought-provoking articles and commentary on the future of payroll? You’ll find stimulating articles and opinion on this subject from page 35. In my fifty+ years in the industry I’ve

(Today, for example, the ratio of payroll professionals to payees is substantially lower than in the past.) I am not convinced that similar improvements in efficiency can be achieved now. Surely, the result of automation efficiency is that payroll professionals must now possess more knowledge, skills and responsibilities than their predecessors? I am certain that demands on payroll will continue to change, and that the demand for qualified skilful payroll professionals will continue.

experienced and witnessed extraordinary change. Though automation (computerisation of calculations etc) has undoubtedly been the catalyst of this change, also significant is government’s continuing use of payroll to deliver rights and duties for employees and employers. In my early years in payroll there was enormous scope for automation to bring extraordinary efficiency to the payroll office.

Mike Nicholas MCIPP AMBCS Editor

Chair’s message

This is my first message, and I am extremely pleased to be writing to you all in this way. I thought it may be useful to provide a brief background. My journey in payroll began after leaving education, with a role as an

Just as retailers are changing shape to respond to the demands of shoppers, we must also take account of the changing demands of the employee base. I look forward to working with the CIPP board and would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Eira for her stewardship over the term of her appointment. Eira has been an excellent chair, providing strategic direction to the review of our portfolio and bringing Chartered membership to the Institute. As both a friend and a colleague, I thank her for the momentum gained and the course being followed. I’m looking forward to being at the helm for my period of stewardship. May the winds of success fill our collective sails. I do hope to meet as many of you as possible in the weeks and months to come, please do feel free to reach out to me at .

office junior for a local construction firm. This gave me an insight into working rule agreements, joint council rules and an appetite for delivering a product (payslip) as the result of many computations. My journey began in a time before computers, when each payslip was built up manually and carbonised paper was all the rage. In my position now, I want to focus on the future of payroll and pensions and what that means for our industry and the professionals within it. Our future is not just affected by the technology available to us, it is also about how we respond to broader expectations of individuals in the workforce. The gig economy and the increasing demand for immediate information will drive changes in how pay, pensions and the rewards of working life are handled by those responsible for delivering the numeration to bank accounts, and pension pots alike.

Jason Davenport MCIPP MIoD Chair, CIPP

So, what were your New Year’s resolutions – and are they broken, yet? The board of directors and the CIPP team resolves to continue to be at the CEO’s message forefront of continually promoting payroll and pensions education, training and membership

research team through our regularly updated online journal, Payroll: need to know, your guide to UK payroll legislation and reporting , an invaluable benefit of your membership. I extend a warm welcome to our two new board directors, Ros Hendren (who stood down at the end of her term and was successfully re-elected) and Diane Hoodless. You can see their profiles and learn how they will represent you as members at Thanks of course to our outgoing director, Eira Hammond (at the end of her term) for her ten years tenure and her excellent stewardship of the CIPP over the last two and a half years. Thank you, Eira. I wish you all a successful and prosperous 2019!

and as professionals we faced several challenges in 2018. The biggest challenge of 2018 was, of course, the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation. We spent considerable time with fellow professionals having roundtables, producing magazine articles and holding training sessions that supported our industry. What else did we have come our way? Well we had changes to the tax treatment of termination payments, simplification of PAYE settlement agreements, and a rush to meet the deadline for publication of the first gender pay gap reports – and of course Brexit wending its weary way to a resolution (hopefully this will be the case when reading this issue!) And as members you are continually updated by our policy and

Ken Pullar FCIPP Chief executive officer, CIPP


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Issue 47 | February 2019

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