SCL Bursary Policy 23-24

SCL Group have deemed £5 an appropriate amount to allow learners to buy a nutritional and substantial meal. Learners are 16+, exerting physical and mental energy during their programme, therefore, need a meal with appropriate calorific and nutritional elements to suffice throughout the day. SCL Group do not have a subsidised restaurant/canteen from which to provide learners with a meal. Therefore, the allowance is aligned to the cost at a high street retailer. Learners will be expected to source their own meal from the local community including high street retailers, or where possible food outlets within the venue.


Learners facing financial hardship due to exceptional reasons and/or their circumstances changing, and/or in need of assistance with course-related costs are invited to apply. This is a means-tested bursary so applications should be submitted with evidence of income (from the list above). SCL’s qualifying condition requirements above also apply. Items to be funded through cash and/or “in kind” payments may include: • Emergency meals • Kit (up to £350 per learner) • Laptops (up to £500 per learner) will be purchased by SCL and available on lease to the learner. The laptop must be returned to SCL on leaving the learning programme. • Other justified costs as agreed by the bursary committee.


Decisions about bursaries and Hardship Funds will be made by the Bursary committee which comprises of Group Executive Director of Quality and Curriculum, Group Head of Learner Experience, Head of Finance, Office Manager, Business Services Manager, Business Change and Improvement Manager and Head of MIS, Funding and Compliance. The Administration team will make the financial eligibility decision.


All learners have a right to appeal against any decision made regarding a bursary awarded or not awarded, or against bursary payments being ceased for not meeting attendance or behaviour expectations. Appeals must be made in writing and submitted within two weeks of the decision. The final decision on appeal is taken by the Committee. At no point in the process will the circumstances of other Bursary receipts be discussed, for reasons of confidentiality.

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