SCL Compliance Policies and Procedures 23-24

Each report will also encompass a recommendation for each provision to contemplate, along with a summary of outstanding areas from any prior audits, highlighting any emerging trends. A comprehensive audit report summarising all completed and outstanding audits up to the time of the report's drafting will also be presented at the subsequent crucial meetings within SCL.:

o Quarterly Performance and Quality governance board o Subcontractor monthly monitoring meetings

• Compliance errors and risk responsibility

Compliance with funding rules and regulations is the responsibility of every employee, subcontractor, and stakeholder within SCL Education Group. Upon receipt of the error report, each provision head is responsible and accountable for their provisions error rating and for managing any findings, for fixtures and improvements. Any effort to rectify compliance errors must adhere to regulatory requirements, accurately reflect the situation, and avoid any unethical or questionable practices.

Deadlines: Upon receipt of the audit report, all provisions must work to resolve any errors within a 4-week period.

Audit Procedure overview

1. Audit Schedule: Compliance Hub link - Here

The team have organised each audit period to fall in line with monthly provision meetings to talk over any findings so far and to understand any internal processes that may impact or be a detriment to the compliance learner journey. 2. Audit Conduct: The audit schedule lays out the team’s availability for audits over the current contract year period. The team will remain impartial to any findings and will ensure a robust audit of each learner is carried out. 3. Audit report and findings: will be documented in a comprehensive report, including recommendations, and corrective actions required. The report will be released to Kate Lou for full review and distribution to key stakeholders. Audit reports will be submitted within a reasonable timeframe after the audit's conclusion. 4. Risk Mitigation: Audit findings that identify risks will be recorded on a risk register, which will be monitored and managed by relevant provisions in collaboration with the compliance team.

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