SCL Group Complaints Policy and Procedure 23-24



SCL Group places a significant emphasis on feedback and views complaints as a valuable tool to drive improvements in the quality of our services. SCL Group’s policy is to respond to all feedback, whether positive or negative, in a prompt and courteous manner. All complaints will be treated seriously with a full investigation process in place to seek a resolution which all parties are satisfied with. In all circumstances, individuals and groups are positively encouraged to raise their concerns with the member(s) of staff directly in the first instance.


At SCL Group we are committed to providing high quality services for all our service users, taking users’ views into account and using the findings to promote and develop the capacity for sustainable improvement. This document details SCL Group’s Complaints Policy and Procedure. A complainant may be a learner, apprentice, prospective learner, employer or any other interested party that indicates dissatisfaction with the current level of service that they are receiving/have received. Complaints from employees of SCL Group should be made using the formal Grievance Procedure. The complaints policy and procedure is published on the SCL website and in our learner and apprentice handbooks. It is referenced during staff and apprentice inductions and referenced in our employer agreements and commitment statement.


This policy and procedure applies to all learners studying with SCL Group. This policy and procedure underpins SCL Group’s core values and will be used objectively and free from discrimination in accordance with the Equality and Diversity policy.

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