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The Historical Impact of Federal Employees WHY OUR NATION NEEDS PUBLIC SERVANTS

contributions of countless people to make the Declaration more than just a piece of paper full of wishful thinking. In a sense, those who fought in and supported the war effort were the first federal employees. We may not know all their names now, but they contributed to a cause that has an incalculable impact on our lives today. I think making these unseen, unheralded contributions is a situation to which many federal employees can relate. Often, federal employees are maligned and discredited simply by virtue of who signs their checks. The average person doesn’t realize just how many things they rely on every day are the result of government- funded projects. Baby formula owes its existence to NASA, and GPS wouldn’t exist without the National Weather Service. Funding and research for the internet as we know it came from the National Science Foundation. The list goes on. We are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world, and much of its greatness is the result of a government created to both represent and improve the lives of its people. The work of public servants of all stripes is essential in making government work. The common layperson may not see all the ways federal

employees contribute to our society, but those contributions are there just the same.

This Independence Day, I hope you have the chance to take a moment and realize just how special it is to be a federal employee. Serving the greater good through public service has been an American tradition since before those 56 signatures landed on the Declaration of Independence. It’s part of the fabric of our nation. You are part of a long tradition of people who wanted to better their country through their work. That’s a really big deal. more than that. It’s about our nation’s history: its struggles and its triumphs. It’s about the people who fought tirelessly to make the United States the place it is today. Equally, I think, it should be about the folks who devote their energy to the betterment of today’s country. So, in honor of Independence Day, let me thank each and every federal employee for the great work done for our nation. Enjoy the fireworks. You deserve it. The Fourth of July may commemorate a single event in history, but it’s about much

We celebrate Independence Day to commemorate the day that 56 of our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Even when that famous document was signed, the colonists were not automatically granted freedom from England. They worked tirelessly to secure it. By the end of the Revolutionary War, George Washington lost more battles than he won, and many of the men who signed the Declaration went bankrupt. Thousands of lives were lost in the battle to break away from Britain, but, in the end, a new nation emerged victoriously. History, as they say, is written by the winners. It’s easy to view American independence as a foregone conclusion. In reality, it was anything but. It took the

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