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Think Realty Radio’s dynamic host and resident expert, Abhi Golhar, shares a tidbit from a recent broadcast:

Abhi’s two cents: I totally, 1,000% agree with Marco! There are national indicators that we can point to (i.e. interest rates) that can help frame up the story of what has, is, or could happen in local real estate markets around the country, but all investors must make decisions based on what’s happening in the communities they’re buying in. The housing market in a suburb of Cleveland, OH doesn’t care what’s happening in San Diego, CA, and vice-versa. Don’t make the mistake of assuming what’s happening in your real estate market is true for other markets you’re buying in!

“The first thing to understand is there’s no such thing as a national real estate market. When people talk about real estate, they have to be referring to a local or hyper-local market. Why? Because every local market has its own politics, zoning laws, economy, supply and demand drivers, employers, business environments, etc.”

Marco Santarelli founder and president of Norada Real Estate Investments

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114 | think realty magazine :: may / june 2019

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