Stop dreaming — get started Throughout his career, Ortner has heard many people pining for a new, improved life through real estate success. At a variety of business and investment forums, he’s fielded questions on how to get started in real estate investing, but months later, the same people have avoided making their first deal. “There's never going to be a perfect deal or a perfect time, you’ve just got to get started,” he said. “Once you get that ball rolling, it’s so much easier to start buying that second, third, and fourth property.”

you’re going to find the properties with or your accounting team, make sure that they’re people who actually understand real estate,” Ortner said. “If you’re going to manage the property yourself, who are your contractors? Who are the vendors you’re going to call if there’s an issue? Who are you going to use for background screening? There are a lot of different pieces and components that go together to have a successful operation, and building that right team is essential.” Tenant screening is important A thorough vetting process is imperative to finding the right

tenants for your rental properties. “When you have great tenants, your operations will run much more smoothly,” he said. “Don't be anxious about making sure you fill the property as fast as you possibly can. Make sure you set good standards on what you're looking for in an applicant: from a background perspective, from a credit perspective, and from an income perspective, and then stick to that.” Ortner encourages investors to market the property to generate as many tenant leads as possible and select based on the standards you’ve set. Don’t rush the process as that could cost you more money in the future.

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