What is Real Estate Data as a Service?

by Richard Sawicky, Chief Data Officer, ATTOM Data Solutions


s the world increasingly runs on data, the concept of data as

Data as a Service (Daas) is partic- ularly attractive for businesses con- suming real estate data. Many of the most disruptive companies who need property data to grow their busi- nesses — whether that’s powering an online real estate portal, building targeted marketing campaigns, or

fueling analytic models — lack the infrastructure and expertise required to build and maintain a robust data management operation. Real estate DaaS can be an ideal solution for companies that want to focus on their data-fed core compe- tencies without having to divert pre-

a service is emerging as an innova- tive solution for businesses to quick- ly and efficiently leverage the power of data without the time-consuming and costly process of building data management capabilities in-house.

28 | think realty magazine :: may / june 2019

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