The PIP Group Does the Heavy Lifting – So You Don't Have To

F ix-and-flips are all the rage among individual investors these days. Can you blame them for their excitement after seeing how easy and profitable it looks on shows like “Property Brothers,” “Masters of Flip” and “Extreme Makeover,” to name just a few? But in reality, it is NOT easy, and, sorry to say, it’s not always profitable, either. In fact, of the 18,600 Americans who attempted

to know our investors and fully understanding their exit strategies and performance objectives. And although we take care of all the details, everything is 100% in our investors’ control and under their ownership. Each investor has an online account with photos of their property before, during and after renovation, as well as access to important

with only $4,000 and four potential investors willing


to invest $20,000 in a little-known investment, tax liens – our business has grown to serve nearly 1,000 investors worldwide, undertaking transactions totaling tens of millions of dollars a year. We provide services

to investors with portfolios ranging from $50,000 to $150 million. In addition to our fix-and-flip program, we also offer investing options in tax liens, tax deeds, traditional foreclosures, pre- deeds and long-term cash flow acquisitions. The accompanying examples illustrate the types of properties we target for our fix-and- flips and the average returns they generate. Doesn’t it make sense to let the experts

their first fix-and-flip in 2017-18, only 13% made a profit. Why such a small percentage? Because success in fix-and-flips – as in any type of investing – takes a lot of time, effort, and perseverance. In today’s

I’ve invested in 2 buy/fix/flip projects with PIP Group over the last 18 months and just started on a 3rd fix/flip in GA. They do exactly what they say. They find distressed properties in areas they have experience with, analyze the opportunity, rehab the property with their crews and resell the property for a profit. My last 2 rehabs netted me 24% and 20% on an annual basis. Turnaround time has been 6-11 months. I’m looking forward to a similar return on my newest GA property fix/flip. It’s been a learning experience for an investor like me that’s used to hands-on control. But, they deliver without me lifting a hammer anymore.

world, not everybody has those attributes, although they may well have plenty of money to invest and a deep desire to build their portfolio through real estate investing. It’s for those individuals that we at The PIP Group designed our fix-and-flip program. It is a full turnkey solution – without a doubt, the easiest, most passive and, currently, most profitable investment we offer. We handle the due diligence, acquisition, renovation, management and liquidity, historically delivering better than 20% net profit to our investors. As with all our investment options at The PIP Group, we begin our client relationship by getting

documents and other analytics. We are available to answer any questions that may arise along the way. Our clients can be assured they are in good hands; we have focused on this investing niche for nearly two decades and have an established network of attorneys, contractors, agents and vendors, allowing us to deliver consistently high-quality, high- producing assets. After a humble beginning – Charles Sells founded The PIP Group in 2004

like The PIP Group do all the heavy lifting? After all, the whole point of passive investing is to let your money work for you, so you don’t have to. Contact us today at 1-877-335- 2529 or to learn more about our fix-and-flip and other wealth-building programs customized for your investing objectives. •


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