STRATEGY, CONTINUED 70  When You Can't Find Real Estate Leads, Look to Probate! Sponsored content provided by U.S. Probate Leads 72  Working Smarter How to get a real estate agent to work for you 24/7. by Abhi Golhar 74  The Pros and Cons of Arbitration This dispute-resolution method might make sense in residential lease agreements. by Michael Johnston 76  Building a Big Portfolio

Acquiring tax lien properties is a strategic investment with variables. by Charles Sells

80  Near (or Far) From Home When (and where) turnkey investing is your best move. by Jared Garfield

SPONSORED SUPPLEMENT 83  Information Management Network

7th Annual Single-Family Investment Forum (East)

MINDSET 100  DTA: Don’t Trust Anyone … Not Even Yourself

KEVIN ORTNER and GREG RAND are going for billions by democratizing real estate.

How these three little letters can help avoid major mistakes. by Jennifer Jo Cobb

by Bobby Burch :: photos by Ackerman Gruber

102  The Balancing Act

Achieving work-life balance can increase your investment opportunities. by Nathan Tabor



MARKET & TRENDS 106  Spotlight: Phoenix by Joel Cone 110  Hit the Target How to hit the bullseye in nearly any rental market. by Ingo Winzer





How to build continuous cash through “noteworthy” investments.

Abhi Golhar gives his two cents on a topic worth talking about.

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