one out, including investors who may have eased off their activities during the holidays and colder months. “There is a lot more competition for investment properties in the spring, mainly because there are a lot more buyers looking,” she said. BEATING BUYERS’ SPRING FEVER AS A NEW INVESTOR Does this mean you are simply out of luck if the season of growth led you to believe the time had come to get start- ed in real estate? Should you just put things on hold until fall? Of course not! After all, you are not just a real estate buyer; you are a real estate investor. Most investors will tell you bluntly: the key to success in real estate investing is to not put too much stock in “the rules.” “In most situations, you go into the operation with the idea that the smartest guy or the strongest guy or the most-educated guy in the field is going to be the one who gets the win, but in real estate, you actually start out with a completely different concept,” explained real estate coach Brad Chandler, co-founder of Express Homebuyers USA and president of Brad Chandler Coaching. “In any real estate situation, you need to do three things,” he added. “Get your mindset right, identify what is really driving you, and create a fol- low-up system.” Chandler, who believes the key to succeeding in any market – seasonal or otherwise – lies in being able to generate and leverage qualified leads effectively, said these three steps enable real estate investors to identify potential deals that other buyers are likely to overlook.

In any real estate situation, you need to do three things. Get your mindset right, identifywhat is really driving you, and create a follow-up system.


real estate deals, your messaging will be crucially important. As Chandler pointed out, this is why it is imperative an investor figure out what they will do with a lead once they have it prior to obtaining that lead. For example, if you are hoping to dive into real estate for the first time and have extremely limited capital, regardless of season, you will need sellers whose needs can accommodate your needs, which will include putting little or no mon- ey down. Likely, you will be looking at strategies that involve: •  Wholesaling , when you essen- tially flip a contract on a property instead of the property itself •  Bird-dogging , when you find qual- ified leads for other investors and are paid per-lead (in most cases)

[to benefit] greatly.” Cumulative net wealth of homeowners rose by more than $1 trillion last spring thanks to that home-buying fever. Not surprisingly, this year home- owners started to get excited about listing and getting paid sky-high prices around the time new investors started to get cold feet about investing. It’s hard to resist the season, howev- er. As the end of the school year nears, the weather warms, and we’re sur- rounded by growth, real estate inves- tors and traditional homebuyers alike seem to find something irresistible in the allure of the housing market. Retail buyers are jumping in, but that does not mean investors are being left behind. Kristin Weekley, a Boston-area realtor with LAER Realty Partners, noted warmer weather brings every-

REACHING THE RIGHT SELLERS FOR THE SEASON When it comes to lead generation for

•  Creative financing , including sell- er-financing and subject-to deals

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