ver), to sell to you in order to gain peace of mind and, to their mind, the advantage of a closed sale. “There is so much more that goes into an offer than just the price,” Weekley said. Similarly, there is so much more that goes into your messaging as an investor than just your goal to buy a house at a discount. RESPECT THE “ITCH” TO ACT Whether your desire to dive into the spring home-buying season means you are finally taking the leap into real estate or you are finally making a strategic shift that you have seen coming for a long time, do not

allow the season to intimidate you right out of action. “Success in business is chasing the business, not waiting for it to come to you,” emphasized Bill Twyford, co-founder of Investors Edge Univer- sity. Twyford, who has been investing in real estate for decades has this advice for investors: “Find out where your buyers want to buy. Find out who is distressed in that area and go to them. Figure out how to help them solve their problem and, in the process, help your investing as well. Do not wait for those sellers or those properties to come to you. If you wait, someone will take your deal.” Twyford, a long-time advocate of “door-knocking,” wherein investors

physically visit properties in areas where they wish to invest and speak with homeowners one-on-one, recommended this strategy as an ideal option for investors wanting to take advantage of the season. “Done right, it’s the fastest way to find a deal,” he said. Just be certain your preparations include the follow-up aspects, so your spring fever does not end up infecting your sellers with false hope. •

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