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s the new editor of Think Realty Magazine , I have recently welcomed the challenge of transition. And now, as we move from spring to summer, I am excited for the shift that brings more pool parties, grilling, and out- door games. So fun! In nature, and in

nies combined to transition into something bigger, and where they plan to go next. With a goal to become a nationwide household name in the next decade, they continue to move toward something greater than where they started. Check out their

real estate, change is always around us, but it’s important to remember that during times of transition, the challenge for each of us is to take action, because if we don’t, we won’t adapt or grow. Henry Ford said, "You can't build a reputa- tion on what you are going to do.” You must simply do. You must take that first step — and then keep going. Whether you’re considering transitioning into real estate investing or ready to take your existing investments to a new level, Think Re- alty is here to guide you — to be your trusted resource in everything real estate. In this issue, Renters Warehouse own- ers Greg Rand and Kevin Ortner discuss how they manifested their ideas into real estate reality, how their respective compa-

inspiring story and then read on for more invaluable tips from your professional peers who are reliable experts in their fields. Speaking of reliable experts, Think Real- ty’s Resident Experts will continue to share investor insights to educate you on your REI journey. From tax liens to turnkeys, this issue of Think Realty Magazine delivers intel to enlighten, encourage, and inform any real estate investor. I am thrilled I took the step to join Think Realty and look forward to connecting with you. I enjoyed meeting some of you at Think Realty’s Baltimore event in April! What an amazing event for any first-time flipper or seasoned investor to connect and be inspired to take their investments to the next level. Here’s to building something better! •

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