About IMN’s Single Family Rental Conference!

IMN is pleased to welcome you to its 7th Annual Single Family Rental Investment Forum (East). This industry-leading event once again brings key market participants including REITs, Funds, Aggregators, Fix and Flippers, Note Buyers, Institutional Investors, and more for 2.5 days of lively discussion, thoughtful debate and countless networking opportunities. As Single Family Rental investments continue to soar with multi-million securitization deals taking place on a monthly basis, and 1 in 9 homes now being single-family rental properties in the United States, there has never been a better time to invest in this growing market. With over 1100 participants, and 160+ speakers and 90 sponsors and exhibitors –this edition of the conference is expected to be the best yet! We hope you enjoy yourself and get the most out of your time here, so be sure to attend some panels, meet new people and stop by all the exhibitor booths for chances to win exciting prizes!

If you are interested in IMN’s Single Family Rental Investment Forums (or any of IMN’s Real Estate Conferences), and want to find out more about participating, please contact Todd Rosenberg on or 212-901-0552.

Single Family Rental Investment Conference (East) May 29-31, 2019 | Hollywood, FL

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