- Double - Digit Returns - That’s Our Promise

803 Crosby St. Savannah, GA Total Investment: $ 27,712.57 Sold For: $ 38,190.32 Net Profit: $ 10,477.75 Annualized Return: 20%

2403 E. 37th St. Savannah, GA Total Investment: $ 89,665.38 Sold For: $ 116,127.49 Net Profit: $ 26,462.11 Annualized Return: 41%

W E D O T H I S E V E R Y D A Y !

A Turn-key Service Provider in Distressed Real Estate, The PIP Group specializes in creating passive income for investors. We offer services investing in everything from tax liens, to fully rehabbed fix/flips, allowing investors complete control. Unlike other turn-key servicers, our clients maintain 100% control and ownership of their investments – we are not a fund, or pooled investment. For the better part of the past two decades, The PIP Group has been providing consistent, high yield, conservative opportunities to investors. Last year, we introduced “The 16% promise”, which provides our clients with a minimum net profit of 16% on any fix and flip project. As a Servicing Agent, our responsibility is to complete projects as quickly as possible, for as little as possible, in order to yield the highest return. Interested in learning more… Contact Us Today!

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