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Awaken to the Extraordinary Teachings of Our Animal Friends BY TAMMY BILLUPS; EDITED BY CAM MACQUEEN

passion, acceptance, for- giveness, and love. Animal friends beautifully model these virtues for us, and they make it look so easy. These virtues are sacred teachings and gifts that might not have reached our soul inbox without the presence of companion animals in our lives. Our animal compan- ions are guiding lights that have been showing us the way to our hearts since the dawn of time. 7KH\R̆HUSRUWDOVLQWRRXU soul for a deeper and more intimate understanding of

Nothing connects us to our hearts faster than being lovingly greeted by an animal. When the sweet dog or the cute kitty excitedly dashes to- ZDUGVXVLWVHHPVWRORRNLQWRRXUVRXODQGFRQYH\WKHPHVVDJHZH¶YH DOZD\VGUHDPHGRIUHFHLYLQJ³,VHH\RX<RXPDWWHU<RXDUHORYDEOH´ One by one, humans are forever transformed by the unconditional love they receive from the angels-in-bodies we call animal compan- ions $QG,DPQRH[FHSWLRQ$QLPDOVKDYHKDGDPRQXPHQWDOLPSDFW RQP\OLIH/LNHHQGOHVVRWKHUVWKH¿UVWWLPH,IHOWWKHSXULW\DQGEOLVV RIXQFRQGLWLRQDO ORYHZDVIURPDFRPSDQLRQDQLPDO,QP\WZHQWLHV DQDGRUDEOHOLWWOHFDOLFRNLWWHQUHDFKHGLQWRP\KHDUWDQGZKLVSHUHG, ORYH\RXDQG,ZDVIRUHYHUFKDQJHG +XPDQV DUHPDJQHWL]HG WR DQLPDOVPXFK OLNH WKH\ DUH GUDZQ WR newborn babies. Animals and newborns radiate with the pureness of spirit, and when we interact with them a part of us remembers when we were also dwelling in the fearlessness of a higher dimension, and we long to feel that glorious state of being again. ,W¶VUHPDUNDEOHZKHQ\RXWKLQNDERXWWKHLUXQPLVWDNDEOHDQGSUR - IRXQGFRQWULEXWLRQWRKXPDQLW\,RIWHQZRQGHUZKDWRXUSODQHWZRXOG EH OLNH LI WKHDQLPDONLQJGRPZDVQ¶WKROGLQJ WKHKLJKZDWFK IRUKX - mans to heal, grow, and evolve. The presence of companion animals in our lives is far more impactful and important for our emotional, SK\VLFDODQGVSLULWXDOJURZWKWKDQPRVWZLOOHYHUUHDOL]H7KLQNRIWKH cat who soothed the infant in its crib, or the dog who consoled the sad child. From the moment an animal arrives in our lives, it unwaveringly helps us to learn and integrate the high vibrational virtues of com-

the divine spark held in the sacred center of our being. Animals will- ingly hold up a mirror of truth for us to awaken to the light held within us if ZHDUHDEOHWRUHFRJQL]HDQGHPEUDFHWKHLUPHVVDJHVZKHQWKH\ arrive on the doorstep to our hearts. They are also wonderful role models demonstrating the importance RI QXUWXULQJ DQG PDLQWDLQLQJ RXU FRQQHFWLRQ WR 0RWKHU (DUWK DQG WR WKHFRQVFLRXVXQLYHUVH2XUDQLPDONLQ LQWXLWLYHO\NQRZZKHQ LW¶V WLPHWR³PHGLWDWH´LQDVXQQ\VSRWWRJHWUHFRQQHFWHGRUSOD\WRPRYH


Each class is 6 hours total time which is taught in 2 three hour {3} segments. You do not have to be enrolled in one of our continuing education programs to join us in UMC’s Seminary Classes. If you would like to learn about Metaphysical Philosophy, Healing, Intuitive Practitioner Sciences, becoming a Minister, or Teaching Metaphysics, look on our website and see what we are offing during the winter seminary. Some of the classes offered are: » NUMEROLOGY » SPIRITUAL TAROT » SYMBOLS: LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL » SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY » METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY I, II, & III » SPIRITUAL SHAMANISM » MEDITATION For a full listing of classes visit: 5 4 0 - 5 6 2 - 4 8 8 9

22—PATHWAYS—Winter 21-22

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