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erage price of concrete depends on the com- pany who installs the patio, though you want to make sure someone reputable and reliable is doing the work. With concrete pati- os, “you can form it into any shape,” Billingsley said. Though, she add- ed, concrete “can and will crack.” Your designated space should be leveled out be- fore patios are installed, but the landscaper will want to do this part of the project, Billingsley said. Typically, a land- scaper charges the project from start to fin- ish, so you may as well allow them to do the whole project, instead of trying to save money by doing part of it, she said. If you decide to install a flagstone or rock pa- tio, “the biggest thing is that you try to get even thickness,” Billingsley said. “If you’re doing

tables and chairs, you may have a wobble.” Another thing to con- sider with a rock or flagstone patio is that the materials often have to be brought in from Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota or South Dakota, Billingsley said. The paver patio, which is made of brick- like “pavers” are both costly and work-inten- sive, Billingsley said. But she recommends them for versatility and lasting quality. “If you have a pav- er that is damaged for some reason, you can pull it out and replace it,” she said, comparing the experience to hav- ing to patch or dig out and replace cement. Companies can often order a pre-made shape, like a 20-feet circu- lar patio. Homeowners can use the pavers t build retaining walls, fire pits, driveways and more landscaping needs. “There’s a ton of stuff you can do,” Billingsley said. If you do plan to lev el out the ground and install the material yourself, whicheve material you go with “do your research, Billingsley said. This both goes for th installation process an the materials you buy. “Make sure you’r buying a good, quali ty product,” Billingsle said.

By TAMMY BAIN tammy.bain@ Landscaping

your yard comes with all sorts of options, but re- quires decisions and a bit of research, says one North Platte landscap- er. You can install a patio made of concrete, wood, paver, flagstone or rock. You can also purchase concrete that looks like wood, commonly called “stamped-crete,” said Penny Billingsley, who owns Garden Glove Inc. with her husband, Randy. The cheapest op- tion is often concrete, Billingsley said. The av-

Tammy Bain / The North Platte Telegraph At Garden Glove Inc., Penny and Randy Billingsley opted to install a paver pa- tio, made from blocks that are installed in the ground.

Tammy Bain / The North Platte Telegraph

Penny Billingsley holds a paver block, which is one form of patio instal- lation.

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