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As many of you know, I published my first book in 2017. From time to time, all of us will know or meet folks who will want a guide for a personal injury or wrongful death matter. If that is you, feel free to direct them to a copy of my book, “The Essential Guide for Your Texas Injury Case.” Since I did not grow up with lawyers, I understand it is difficult to know where to turn. That’s why we made this book available for free for anyone in need. We can mail you a hard copy. If you want to download a free copy or need one mailed, just go to our website www.buttonlawfirm.com and sign up to request it today! We would love to send it to you. If you have any questions after reading the book, call us to find out more. Your Guide to Managing a Serious Injury or Wrongful Death Claim in Texas THERE IS HOPE



It’s been a year since Russell and Ashley met, and as the occasion warrants, we’re celebrating the anniversary of that game-changing meeting with a trip down memory lane. We share the journey that led Ashley here from a random Russell Button first met Ashley while he was teaching at a nationally known trial lawyer college in Austin. A few months later, as he was looking to bring on a new attorney, Russell thought of those same skills Ashley had demonstrated in class. Russell recollects, “I remember how thorough and detail-oriented she meeting with Russell to their success in the legal arena.

After that, Russell says it was an easy decision to ask Ashley to join the team. And a year later, Russell exclaims, “It’s worked out better than we ever imagined. It’s a perfect fit!” As for Ashley? She couldn’t agree more. When Russell reached out to ask her about his case, she explains, “I was excited because I had a really good first impression of him, and I hoped it would mean I’d get to work with him down the road ... [Russell] asked me generally what I knew about the insurance code, changes going on in the legislature, the process, and what kind of outcomes I’d expect. Without me knowing it, he was asking all these questions to see if I would be a good fit.” It certainly has been a good fit — both attorneys bring their strong skills to the firm. Ashley says, “Russell has a really good reputation, and people respect him because he’s passionate about everything. It’s really rare to find someone who’s so passionate. You could just tell he’s good at this. He’s passionate about it, and he works hard because he loves what he does. He’s constantly thinking; his brain doesn’t shut off. I’ve finally met my match.” Ashley sums it up for us with an expression of gratitude: “I absolutely love my job. Everything happens for a reason, and all the little steps along the way ended here. It’s a new beginning.”

was.” He reached out to her, first to ask about an insurance case he was working on. Ashley told him how she would handle such a case. Russell says, “She walked me through all the laws and statutes. It was organized and detailed; she handled it exactly the way I would have.”



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