Master Of Arts In Ministry Curriculum The Master of Arts in Ministry curricu­ lum includes courses in three categories: I) core curriculum, 40 units; 2) ministry em­ phasis, I 3 or 14 units; and 3) electives, I0 or I I units. The total requirement is 64 units. The courses specifically identified by de­ partment and number in the chart below are required in the core curriculum. In ad ­ dition, each student must select a ministry emphasis and complete the requirements of that emphasis during the program. Three emphases are currently offered: pastoral, missions and Christian education. The courses 1·equired in each are listed be­ low. The following chart presents the cur­ riculum sequence for students who will be "full-time" in the program. Students who will be enrolled on a "half-time" basis should plan to complete eight units each semester, normally taking courses indicat­ ed as "first year" before those in the "sec­ ond year" group.

Master of Arts Program in Ministry Philosophy of the Ministry Program The Master of Arts in Ministry is de­ signed for individuals who have been in ministry fo1· a significant number of years and have not had the opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree. Quality graduate level training is provided in several essen­ tial aspects of professional ministry in or­ der to enhance significantly the effective­ ness of participating ministers. In establish­ ing this program, the seminary is endeavoring to address specific needs of the Church as it functions in the major eth­ nic communities within the Southern Cali­ fornia area. The two primary foci of the program are biblical and practical studies. The bibli­ cal emphasis provides an increased breadth in knowledge of the content of the Word of God, includ ing its background and sound principles of literary interpreta­ tion. Practical studies concentrate on the enhancement of ministry and communica­ tion skills. The goal of both emphases is improved expertise in a ministry of the Word as it relates to the daily lives of peo­ ple and their eternal destiny The core of the program is offered at the La Mirada campus to provide the ad­ vantages inherent in a broad community of learni ng, but several courses per semester are offered in an extension center located at 7225 South Main Street. Los Angeles. This provides opportunity for those in ministry in the inner city to attend. Neces­ sary library resources are being made available at the extension center A mini­ mum of 24 units must be taken on the main campus.

2. Each approved applicant will be en­ rolled tentatively in the Master of Arts in Ministry program until 32 units have been completed, of wh ich 24 must be in core courses as de­ scribed below. 3. At the completion of 32 units, an eval­ uation will be made regarding admis­ sion to candidacy status in the Master of Arts in Ministry program. Students with a grade point average of at least 2.50 will receive candidacy status. Stu­ dents with a grade point average between 2.00 and 2.50 will be allowed to complete an additional 8 units (for a total of 40) to be credited toward the certificate in ministry Graduation Requirements for the Masters of Arts in Ministry A Satisfactorily complete 64 semester units as outlined in the curriculum. B. Qualify for candidacy status at the con­ clusion of 32 units. C Complete at least 24 units at the La Mirada campus and no more than 40 units at extension locations. D. Obtain a 2.50 grade point aver·age with no grade below "C-" in all courses to be credited toward graduation. E. Complete the entire program in no more than six years. F Prior to candidacy status, students with a grade point average below 2.0 are placed on probat ion and remain on probation as long as the single semester or· cumulat ive grade point average re­ mains below 2.0. After candidacy status is granted, the minimum grade point average is adjusted upward to 2.50, with probation calculated accordingly Students on probation are granted one semester in which to bring their aca­ demic wo1·k up to the required level for continuance in the seminary A student cannot graduate while on probation.

In order to make the program accessi­ ble to the many parish ministers whose daily schedule is already full, the program has been structured at a normal pace of eight units per semester. Each course meets one evening a week and different classes are available two to three evenings a week, one or more at the La Mirada campus and others at an extension loca­ tion. The rate of progress through the program may be increased by the follow­ ing alternatives: studies during summer school or inte1·term and additional classes at the La Mirada campus in the morning or evening during the semester Courses in Spanish Courses which appl y to the MA in Min­ istry degree are also taught in Spanish. These courses are offered on the main campus and are generally scheduled weeknight evenings.


I . Completion of five years in ministry and presently on a church staff in an official capacity 2. Normally appl icants are age 35 or older. 3. Applicants usually will not have the BA or equivalent degree. Talbot of­ fers other programs for appl icants who have the baccalaureate degree. 4. Three references are required: church or denominational endorse­ ment personal friend; and ministry colleague (or employer if currently employed outside the church). B. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS I . Equivalency of two years of colle­ giate level studies. 2. Proficiency in English language. C ADMISSION PROCEDURES I. The applicant's potential to compete successfully in a graduate program will be determined by the Master of Arts Guidance Committee, which w ill interview each appl icant and evaluate all credentials.

Fi rst Year

I st Semester BE 505 Hermeneutics, Genesis . . . BE 603 New Testament Survey.

4 4

TH 605 Bibliology, Theology


Proper, Anthropology . Emphasis or electives.

4 16

2nd Semester BE

5 18 Old Testament Survey.


TH 606 Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology . HTM 555 Introduction to World Missions .


2 2

PT 51 0 Evangelism ...

Emphasis or electives .

4 16

G-1 I

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