Missions ICS 502 Social Organization . . . . . . . . 3 Master of Arts

Admission Requirements Applicants, to be accepted, must pos­ sess a baccalaureate degree. Each shou ld be a graduate from a recognized and/or regionally accredited college with a mini­ mum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). The Master of Arts with emphasis in Bible exposition is designed primarily for those who desire to take graduate biblical studies later in life. Therefore, those who apply for the program with this particular emphasis should be age 35 or older. All applicants must submit a written . statement outlining their vocational objec­ tives and how the degree might relate to

Second Year

I st Semester

HTM 540 Principles of Church Planting . 3

CH 505 Early, Medieval Church

. . . . . . . . . . 3 Programs in

3 3 2

STM 560 Urban Research and


Ministries . . .

PT 609 Sermon Preparation .. PT 703 Church and Society. PT 773 Biblical Foundation of

Biblical and Theological

STM 570 Introduction to Bible

Translation . .


HTM 640 Cultural Anthropology



for Missionaries .


Emphasis or electives .


STM 661 Introduction to Church

3 3 Studies



HTM 751 Theology of Mission .

2nd Semester BE 506 Matthew, Romans ..

Electives .


Philosophy of Biblical and Theological Studies Programs The Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and the Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies are intensive and highly specialized programs designed for those whose calling to Christian service 1s not 1n

4 2


BE 708 Acts ...

Emphasis or electives .

10- 1I 16- 17

those objectives.

Ministry Emphases

Graduation Requirements A. Satisfactorily complete 62 semester units as outlined in the appropriate cur­ B. Submit an acceptable thesis chosen in consultation with the major advisor. Two unbound copies are to be submit­ ted to the librarian. All theses, whether



7 12 Pastoral Epistles .

2 4 3

the area of professional ministry. It is anticiriculum. pated that candidates for these programs

PT 603 Pastoral Counseling . PT 610 Sermon Preparation II . PT 70 I Christian Education in the

will have purposes that coincide with the

followi ng:

Local Church ..

3 8

I. The training of college graduates who .


desire a more thorough grasp of the Biacceptable or not, become the proper- ble in order to engage in Christian minty of Talbot Seminary. .

PT 704 Pastoral Ministry.



istries at levels other than those that are usually performed by the ordained

C. At least 24 units must be taken at this

Christian Education

semi nary.

CE 5 I 2 Education Administration PT 70 I Christian Education in the


clergy. This would include medical docD. Obtain a 3.0 average with no grade be­ tors on the mission field, missionary pi low a "C-" in all courses to be credited

Local Church.

3 6

lots, church administrators, counselors, lay leaders in the local church and

toward graduation.

Three of the Following .

E. Complete the entire program in no

CE 51 3 Women in Christian


more than five years.

Minist ries .


2. The furnishing of a biblical background

Students are placed on academic proba­ for those who are preparing for teachtion if their grade point average for any se­

CE 624 Small Group Leadership.. 2

CE 644 Music in the Chu rch. CE 65 I Early Childhood


ing in non-theological fields . .

mester falls below 3.0 and will remain on

3. The furn ishi ng of an academic backprobation as long as the single semester or

Development and

ground for those who find the Master

cumulative grade po int average remains



of Ai-ts degree ample for a teaching pobelow 3.0. The probation students are

CE 653 Childhood Development

sition either at home or in a fore ign

granted one semester in which to bring their academic work up to the required level (3.0) for continuance in the seminary. A student cannot graduate while on

and Education



CE 661 Youth Development

4. Providing a shorter program of study for missionaries who have only their furlough t ime in which to fu rther their

and Education .

2 2

CE 662 Youth Leadership.


CE 671 Youth Adult

formal training in the Scriptures.

Development and Education.

Major Requ irements The Program Structure


CE 672 Older Adult

The academic programs lead ing to the degrees Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Master of Arts in Theological Stud ies are comprised of 62 units structured in

Development and


Education. Electives.




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