Curriculum Outline for Master of Arts in Christian Education The following schedule presumes ade­ quate pre-semi nary training: I. Core Curriculum - 58 Units A FOUNDATIONS OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION- 36 units Biblical BE 517, BE 518, BE 603, OT 506 and NT 606. . . . I 6 units Theological TH 502, TH 603 and TH 604 . I 2 units Psychological CE 521 4 units H istorical and Philosophical: CE 531, 532. . 4 units B. PRACTICAL SKILLS IN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - 22 units CE 51 I, 512, 522, 617, 631-632, 691-692. II. Vocat ional Specialization - 4 to 6 Units With counsel from the department, the student designs the balance of the pro­ gram in light of personal strengths, pre­ vious experience and vocational goals. The major areas of specialization are presented below along with the major vocat ional po­ sitions to which they relate. In addition to the pr-escribed courses from the specialization, the electives are then chosen to complement strengths or to overcome weaknesses in light of the particular vocational goal. Ther-efore, the structure of a student's program is genu­ inely tailor-made and may be noticeably different from another's program having the same specialization or vocational goal. Vocations or positions for which the program prepares t he student are:

Christian schools, publishing houses, youth agencies, group homes and others. Specializations of the department are: Admi nistration Counseling and Family Ministries Educational Psychology and Age-Lev- el Specializations Principles of Education and Method­ ology Single Adult Ministries Teaching Credential Ill. Electives Additional courses, including thesis (four units) or electives in lieu of thesis to total 66-68 units respectively. MASTER OF ARTS IN CHRISTIAN EDU­ CATION CURRICULUM Junior Year I st Semester BE 517 Hermeneutics, Bible Study Methods . 4 CE 5 1I Foundations of Leadership. 2 CE 521 Psychological Foundations of Ministry . 4 CE 53 1 Philosophical Foundations of Ministry . 2 CE 617 Personal and Interpersonal Development . 2 Elective . 2 16

Second Year

I st Semester BE 603 New Testament Survey. .


TH 603 Theology II 4 CE 63 I Methods, Resources Ministry . 4 CE 691 Educational Internship . I Vocational Specialization . 2 ·*Thesis First Draft or Elective . . 2 17

2nd Semester OT 506 Old Testament Introduction


TH 604 Theology Ill . 4 NT 606 New Testament Introduction . 2 CE 632 Methods, Resources Min istry . 4 CE 692 Educational Internship . I Vocational Specialization or Thesis Final Draft. 2-4 15-17 *Thesis alternatives are: I ) four units in thesis courses as indicated in the curricu­ lum chart; or 2) six units of electives in lieu of the thesis. Thes is First Draft will be tak­ en at the completion of 3 I units and Thesis Final Draft at the completion of 49 units. Neither of the two is applicable toward graduation unless both have been completed.

cares. They are commit-

ted not only to academ-

ic excellence, but also

to preparing students

for ministry as well.

Each faculty member is

devoted to the devel-

opment of knowledge,

2nd Semester BE 518 Old Testament Survey. .

skills and personal

4 4 4

TH 502 Theology I .

CE 512 Education Administration CE 522 Counseling Ministry in the Church .


4 CE 532 Philosophical Issues in Ministr~ 18

Dr. Dennis Dirks,


Minister of Christian Education Director of Children's Ministries

Associate Dean, Talbot

Minister of Youth Minister of Adults

Director of Single Adult Ministries Church Business Administrator Counsel ing and Family Ministries Christian Camp Administration Parachurch Ministr-ies - program de- signs matching various positions within Christian agencies such as

Theological Seminary

and School of Theology


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