MIN 81 I INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS IN THE CHURCH*+ A biblical and practical examination of what believers ought to do with and for each other in the local church. Special at­ tention given to: ways of facilitating fellow­ ship, the place of confrontation. the han­ dling of criticism, reactions to change, the potential of small groups, the admi nistering of discipline, the meaning of love, the na­ ture of forgiveness and the importance of unity. Key biblical words and concepts studied and practical implications devel­ oped for the program of the local church. Discussion of relationships among the staff. boards, committees and the congregation at large. MIN 813 WORSH IP* Attention given to two areas: I) a survey of biblical materials on the nature and im­ portance of worship for the people of God; and 2) a survey of contemporary lit­ erature on worship in the church. A foun­ dation provided for the development of a bibl ical theology/philosophy for worship in today's churches and for fundamental dis­ cussion of the p1-act ical aspects of bot h planning and executing meaningful services of worship. MIN 814 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY MINISTRIES+ A course designed to broaden and deepen the pastoral understanding of Christian marriage in the contemporary world. Em­ phasis on the sociology of marriage as an institution, the psychology of intimat e rela­ tionships, and the nature of love and sex­ uality. Husband-wife roles studied in the light of Scripture and the movement to­ ward egalitarian marriage. Attention given to the problems of divorce and remarriage, single parent, blended family and other current issues. MIN 815 THEOLOGICAL AND PSY­ CHOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS FOR PARENTING+ Development of a theologically consistent and psychological ly healthy understanding of the process of child reari ng. Includes a

MIN 807 BIBLICAL EVANGELISM IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY"' A p1-actical study of the historic biblical foundations, the theology and the "how to" of local church evangelism. Focus on a spectrum of basic approaches to evangel­ ism in order to have a balanced and com­ prehensive program of outreach. Special attention giv n to contemporary evangelis­ tic strategies and effective principles of in­ d1v1dual and corporate witness. MIN 808 BIBLICAL MODELS FOR MAR­ RIAGE AND FAMILY MINISTRIES+ Models for personality, partner-ship, par­ enthood and peer 1-elationsh1ps examined in the light of the Word of God with a view to improving skills in individual, mar­ riage and family counseling. Emphasis will be placed on the case study approach to learning. Problem situations in the lives of people will be presented in class and processed through discussion, diagnosis and 1n the light of the Scriptures.

MIN 824 THE PASTOR'S SPIRITUAL AN D EMOT IO NAL HEALTH*+ A course designed to exami ne the hazards of the ministry as they pertai n to the men­ tal and spiritual health of the pastor. The pastor assisted in ident ifying t he area of potential personal weakness and given re­ sources for dealing with these problems . Attention given to aspects of t he mi nister's role conflicts in his personal li fe, family li fe and ministry. Problem areas such as anger, depression, assertiveness, leadership and relationships will be explored. Techniques for self-modifying behavior to grow spiri­ tually and emotionally presented. MIN 825 SMALL GROUPS AN EXPRES­ SION OF THE BODY OF CHRIST* + A course focusi ng on birth, care and devel­ opment of bibl ical small groups as they function in the life of the local church . Phi­ losophy of small group minist ry explored with strategies for beginning groups and maintaini ng them in the local church. Par­ ticipants will learn how to trai n lay leaders, how small groups function effectively and will be able to set up a small group pro­ gram in their ministry. MIN 826 STRATEGIES FOR CHURCH GROWTH* A course designed to understand scienti fi c principles developed to date in the field of church growth, to cover relevant contem­ porary literature on the subject and to ac­ quire the basic skills necessary for diagnos­ ing the health of the local chu rch and de­ signing programs for future growth. Course is designed to provide laboratory field experience in studying church growth. Involves direct research into growi ng churches in Southern California. (Addition­ al work will be expected outside of class hours duri ng the course. )

critical review, both theologically and psy­ chologically, of a number of current ap­ proaches to parenting. Class members re­ sponsible to I) formulate a comprehensive program of parent education for a local church , or 2) develop and conduct a par­ ent education seminar or workshop. MIN 817 BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF CHURCH RENEWAL* An examination of biblical principles for church life with the aim of spiritual and mission renewal. Course emphases will center on the pastor's style of leadership, involvement and trai ning of lay leaders, congregational creativity, impacting the community, and preaching style and con­ tent, plus the pastor's and congregation's spiritual life. MIN 819 WORLDWIDE MISSIONS A N D THE LOCAL CHURCH* An overview and analysis of the develop­ ment of world missions with emphasis on current specific world views . Issues such as self-supporting missions, hidden peoples and third world missionaries w ill be ex­ plored, along with considerations on how to develop a world-view congregation. MIN 822 FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION + A course designed to lead the student through a biblical, sociological and educa­ tional investigation of family life education. Discovery of common elements of an ef­ fective family ministry in the church. Inte­ gration of this data with existing resources allows each person to develop a strategy of family life education for his church. MIN 823 FAMILY LIVING FOR ALL SEA­ SONS+ A course designed to provide the pastor or Christian worker with a developmental approach to family livi ng. Exposure t o de­ velopmental life changes in per-sons and how change events in li fe - such as birth of a child, job change, death of parent - can affect mamage and family. (Required for all persons in Marriage and Family Ministries.)


An examination of the fundamental doc­ trines concerning the church including its nature, organizational structure, ministry, ordinances, purpose and place in God's design. Discussion of the significance de­ rived from each of these areas for the practical life of the church, with special fo­ cus on current theological issues involved. Emphasis on the meaning of these doc­ trines for the practical life of the church. MIN 810 CONTEMPORARY BIBLICAL PREACHING* Examination of contemporary preaching. Attention given to a variety of preaching forms. such as evangelistic. expository, life­ situation. socio-prophetic. biographical. dialogue. as well as radio and television techniques. Class members involved in both analysis and actual preaching.


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