Doctor of Education Program Program Director: Charles 0. Bradshaw, PhD.

MIN 8271NTEGRATION OF THEOL­ OGYAND PSYCHOLOGY IN A COUN­ SELING MINISTRY+ An in-depth examination of various lead­ ers and models of counseling in vogue to­ day. Evaluation of their success in integrat­ ing psychology and theology in counseling. Course is designed to assist the church leader to establ ish a lifestyle of integration as well as a philosophy of integration that will have practical expression in a counsel­ ing ministry in the local church. (Required for all persons in Marriage and Family Ministries.) MIN 828 PASTORAL CARE AND COUNSELING SKILLS+ A course designed to help the pastor sharpen skills in pastoral care and counsel ­ ing The student will learn and practice a model of help ing which incorporates tech ­ niques and approaches of the behavioral sciences as well as biblical principles. The student will be exposed to live counseling sessions, extensive counseling practice and professionals 1n practice. (Additional work will be expected outside of class hours during the course. ) MIN 829 THE PASTOR AS A CRISIS COUNSELOR+ Student will develop skills to help ind1v1d­ uals confronting typical crises such as t he birth of a ch ild, illness, the loss of a job, marital conflict, career adjustment, bereavement, pre-marital pregnancy, re­ tirement and terminal disease. Attention given to prevention of stress in predictable developmental crises as well as recovery management following a crisis. A combina­ tion of clinical exposure, case study and student experience used in this semi nar. MIN 830 ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP IN THE LOCAL CHURCH·* A course designed to lead the student through a biblical, organizational and psy­ chological understand ing of leadership, motivation, planning, managing conflicts,

worker training, evaluation, change princi­ ples and organizational development. Par­ tic ipants have the opportunity to examine their leadership style and to develop styles through group experiences and case stud­ ies that will make them more effective leaders. MIN 831 THE TRAINING OF LAY PAS­ TORAL COUNSELORS+ An in-depth course aimed to provide tools for the equipping of leaders such as dea­ cons, elders, small group leaders, Sunday school teachers and youth workers to do the work of counseling in the local church. Attention given to the strategy of training, using current local church programs as models. MIN 832 MASS COMMUNICATION OF THE GOSPEL* A practical course designed to enhance the sk il ls of the Christian communicator in using the tools of the pr inted media, radio, television and film. Primary focus on the skill development within the student's cho­ sen area of specialization. MIN 833 DISCIPLESHIP IN THE LOCAL CHURCH* An in-depth exam1nat1on of the bibl ical principles, history and methodology of dis­ cipleship. The course will emphasize the practical concern of how to develop an ongoing discipleship program in the local ministry.

University Base: A wide breadth of knowledge is made available through the faculty and various disciplines of study at Biola University. Application Deadline Applications must be submitted by May I for fall entry or November I for spring entry. Applicants accepted for the fall se­ mester may begin studies in the preceding summer. Applicants accepted for the spring may begin studies in the preceding interterm. Decisions are made only on completed applications. Admission Requirements (I) Eligible applicants must hold a mas­ ter's degree from an accredited institution with an average grade of at least a 3.25 on a 4.0 scale. (2) EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Ed.D. applicants must have 24 graduate se­ mester units of Christian education course work or equivalent. This should include at least one course in educational administra­ tion, educational psychology, history and philosophy of Christian education, counsel­ ing, methods and resources of education and group process. Undergraduate course units can count on a two to one ratio. A minimum of 12 units must be on the grad­ uate level. (3) THEOLOGICAL FOUNDATION: Ed.D. applicants must have 24 graduate se­ mester units of Bible/theology course work or equivalent. These units must include Old and New Testament survey, theology, Old and New Testament introduction and hermeneutics and Bible study methods. Undergraduate units count on a two to one ratio. A minimum of 12 units must be on the graduate level. (4) VOCATIONAL FOUNDATION: All Ed.D. applicants must have a minimum of two years or equivalent of full-time Chris­ tian vocational experience, preferably within a church context.

Philosophy Purpose

The Ed.D. degree is designed to provide its graduates with the academic founda­ tion, theological perspective and skills needed to be highly competent professionals in Christian education, able to assume significant and distinctive leader­ ship and teaching roles in the church and other institutions dealing with Christian education in a variety of settings, world­ wide. Integration of faith, learning and liv­ ing is a major focus of the program. The program nurtures the competen ­ cies of sound scholarship, research, effec­ tive interpersonal skills and teaching ability. . Competence is combined with creativity and imagi nation enlightened by research­ based knowledge . The doctoral program 1s designed to stimulate the growth of each student to be all that God intended in pro­ fessional competence and in personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Program Distinctives Wholistic: Research o r iented with a strong emphasis in combining professional, social, spiritual and mental areas of growth. Teaching Skills: Emphasizes practical ap­ plication of effect ive communication skills. Integration: "Faith, Learning and Life" course is a co1·e requirement. Throughout the program students will work with advising committee that will include a theology/Bible professor as well as Chris­ t ian education staff The dissertation itself must be 1ntegrat1ve in nature.

MIN 899 DISSERTATION (C)* + Prescribed for D.Min. students.

* Applicable to the field of concentration in church leadersh ip. + Applicable to the field of concentra­ tion in marriage and family ministries.


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