EDD 832 PSYCHO-SOCIAL, AFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT (2) Principles and stages of psychological de­ velopment learned in social contexts, and the principles of attitudinal development as they relate to spiritual growth and devel­ opment. The impl ications of the significant innuences, variations of development and environmental factors of psychosocial and affect ive development on spiritual devel­ opment examined. EDD 833 MORAL AND VALUE DEVEL­ OPMENT (2) Principles and sequence of mora l develop­ ment and the development of commit­ ment to values; consideration of significant innuences on development by Christ ian educators and parents; examination of de­ velopmental var iations with implicat ions for spi ritual growth. EDD 835 CHRISTIAN FAITH DEVELOP­ MENT (4) Definition of the development of Christ ian faith. its assessment, and comparison of re­ search on faith development with the Bibli­ cal data and theological perspect ives. EDD 837 INTEGRATION OF THE­ OLOGICAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL RESEARCH (4) Examination of the relationships between developmental pri nciples and Biblical doc­ trinal themes. The applications of integra­ tion explored in areas such as discipleship and socialization. Characteristics of optimal environmental factors innuencing develop­ ment will be considered.

EDD 823 SEMINAR IN EDUCATIONAL PROCESSES (4) The educational process in relation to the purpose of education, human growth, the nature of learning and the dynamics of groups in a variety of situations. Emphasis on the development of self-esteem, cre­ ativity, importance of affect in the class­ room, and different forms of education (forma l, non-formal, and informal). EDD 824 CURRICULUM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (2) Curriculum issues and problems, their ra­ tionale, and implications for ministry. Em­ phasis on the development of curriculum for the integration of faith, learning, and life. Different models for designi ng curricu­ lum and instruction. Curriculum designed for specific setti ngs required. Previous course in curriculum design suggested.

EDD 888 RESEARCH DESIGN (2) Plan and complete a modest research project and study research methods and techniques. These include design, sam­ pling, di1-ect observation, data processing, interviews and questionnaires. Competen­ cy d monstrative of a research technique requ ired for completion of seminar. EDD 890 DISSERTATION RESEARCH SEMINAR (2) D iscussion and development of doctoral dissertation research. Approval of the dis­ sertation proposal is necessary for success­ ful complet ion of the seminar. EDD 891 CONTINUOUS REGISTRA­ TION: DISSERTATION (0) R search and writing of an approved doc­ toral dissertation under the direction of maJor advisor and dissertation committee. Educational Processes Emphasis EDD 821 INTEGRATION OF THEOL­ OGYAND EDUCATIONAL PROCESS (4) H istorical stud ies in both Old Testament and New Testament institutions for educa­ tion from Biblical and other sources. Anal­ ysis of the teaching ministry of Jesus for pri nciples and processes in individual in­ struction, group teach ing and training. Spe­ cial emphasis of study in the minist1-y of the Holy Spirit in relationship to learning the­ ories, Bibl ical instruction, and teacher­ learn ing process. A research seminar with emphasis on creative applications. EDD 822 PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING (2) Analysis and pract ice of principles of teach­ ing. Emphasis on how to effectively lecture, motivate and teach for retention. Writi ng of objectives, lesson plans, high level thi nk­ ing, use of questions also discussed. Field experience required

visit the campus of Bio/a

University, I am im-

pressed with the faculty,


their involvement with

Education within the cross cultural context. designed to develop concepts of educa­ t ional philosophy and pract ice, learning styles, teaching roles, nature of content, culture, specific educat ional programs, and anticipated results.

students and their in-

terest in every aspect of

a student 's life.


Dr. David Hocking,


Analysis of literature, material, and p1-actice concerning intergenerat ional learni ng. Spe­ cific fi eld project developed. Spiritual Development Emphasis EDD 83 I COGNITIVE. PHYSICAL DE­ VELOPMENT (2) Review of research on the cognitive and physical growth processes. The work of developmentalists exami ned to discover structures of cogn1t1ve and physical changes that occur in the life span of nor­ mal and exceptional persons.

"Bio/a Hour" teacher,

Pastor, Calvary Church,

Santa Ana, California


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