Course Descriptions Department of Bible Exposition James E. Rosscup , Th.D., Ph.D. , Chair Faculty Professors: Rosscup Associate Professor: Busenitz (Talbot Val­ ley Campus), Enns, Hunter Since there is no substitute for an effi­ cient ministry in the preacher's native tongue, special emphasis is devoted to the exposit ion of the Bible. The entire curricu­ lum of the seminary - theology, original languages and other subjects - is designed to contribute in the effective exposit ion of Scripture. It is possible to study only cer­ tain pivotal books, but the method em­ ployed is applicable to the entire Bible. Correlati on with present-day li fe and world problems will be made. The more technical phases of Old and New Testa­ ment problems wi ll be reserved to those departments. Matters of Hebrew and Greek are re­ lated where they influence an interpreta­ tion, but these are not an emphasis in the overal l exposition. Special examination is given important passages and concepts in this branch of study. BE 505 HERMENEUTICSAND GENESIS (4) A study of the fundamental pr inciples for a sound interpretat ion of the Bible, including general rules for all Scri pture and special principles for poetic, parabolic, prophetic and typological port ions. Also, an exposi­ tion of the book of Genesis, with special effort in demonstrating the use of

ing the synthetic, analytic, doctrinal , bio­ graphical and others. Prescribed for MA (B.S., BE. ) and MA (CE.) students. BE 518 OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY (4) A broad survey of Genesis through Song of Solomon: overall themes, divisions, main problems and spiritual lessons of these books in relat ion to their background and Chr istian ministry today. Prescribed for M.Div. students who are deficient in under­ graduate bibl ical studies, MA (Min.), MA (B.S., B.E. ) and MA (CE.) students. BE 60 I ISAIAH AND JEREMIAH (2) A study of the life and times of each prophet, his character, message and Messi­ anic emphasis and the value of each book for the believer today. Elective. BE 603 NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY (4) A general overview of the New Testa­ ment, including the background, theme, major divisions, problems and lessons of each book. Prescribed for MA (B.S. , B.E.), MA (Min. ) and MA (CE.) students. BE 604 DANIEL AND REVELATION (4) An exposition related closely in each case to the historical background , theme, flow of argument through chapters and sec­ tions, problem areas and spiritual applica­ tions. Special attention devoted to the pro­ phetical relationship between the two books and to their correlation with other Scripture. Prescribed for MDiv. students with background in undergraduate biblical studies. BE 700 EXODUS AND LEVITICUS (2) An exposition of the books with a focus on the background, themes, special problems and the redemptive plan as in the taberna­ cle, priesthood, offering, feasts and ordi­ nances , in relation to the New Testament. Elective.

BE 70 I STUDIES IN JOSHUA THROUGH ESTHER (2) An exposit ion of selected portions on the conquest of Canaan, the periods of the judges and the kings: also a focus on back­ grounds and customs, relationship of truths to the New Testament and spiritual lessons in the lives of the bibl ical characters. Elective. BE 702 THE POETICAL BOOKS (2) An examination of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesi­ astes and the Song of Solomon, noting fea­ tures of Hebrew poetry and the signifi­ cance of the contents of each writing. Elective. BE 703 THE PSALMS(2) A study of the structure of the Psalter· and a survey of the contents as they point to a variety of subJect matter and purpose, w ith special focus on prophetic c1.nd devotional values. Elect ive. BE 704 EZEKIEL (2) A study of the life and t imes of Ezekiel and an exposition of the book with emphasis on God 's deali ngs with Israel and solutions to key interpretive problems. Applications to believers today are highlighted. Elective. BE 706 THE MINOR PROPHETS (2) A study of the place and function of the prophet in Israel 's life, a rapid survey of each book in view of the political, social and religious cond itions of the times, and the special message of each prophet as clarified by the exposition. Elective. BE 707 THE GOSPEL OF JOHN (2) A study of john's Gospel in the light of the author's stat ed purpose, with emphasis on its contribution to the knowledge of the person and work of Christ. Elect ive. BE 708 ACTS (2) An exposition of the book with special at­ tenti on given to interpretive questi ons and the relation of the message to other Scrip­ ture. Prescribed for MA (Min.) students.

hermeneutical princip les. Particular em­ phasis given to the developing themes in the flow of thought, as well as to problem areas. Themes studied in relat ionship to later Old Testament and New Testament revelation. Prescribed for M.Div., MA (B.S., OT), MA (Min. ) and MA (Mis .) students. BE 506 MATTHEW AND ROMANS (4) An exposition of these two books, their backgrounds, themes, lines of thought through verses, chapters and sections, doctrinal significance, solutions to areas of difficulty and relevant practical application. Prescribed for MDiv., MA (Min. ) and MA (Mis. ) students. BE 515 HERMENEUTICS (2) A study of fundamental principles for sound inte rpretation of the Bible, including general rules and special principles for po­ etic, parabolic, prophetic and t ypological port ions. Meet with Hermeneutics por­ tions of any section of BE 505 or 517. Pre­ scribed for and limited to, MA (B.S., NT) student s. BE 517 HERMENEUTICS AND BIBLE STUDY METHODS (4) A study of hermeneutical principles for sound interpretation of the Bible, including general rules and specialized principles for parables, types, prophecies and poetry. An application of Bible study methods, includ-


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