BE 709 THE CORINTHIAN EPISTLES (2) An exposition of each epist le in the light of the social and moral conditi ons of the times, with special focus on the doctrinal and ethical values and their application to church problems of today. Elective. BE 710 GALATIANS (2) An exposition of the epistle which devotes special attention to interpretive questions concerning justification by faith and the life of the Christian according to the principles of divine grace. Elective. BE 71 I THE PRISON EPISTLES (2) An exposition of Ephesians, Phi lippians, Coloss1ans and Philemon which unfolds di­ vine revelation about the church and its calling, its relationship t o Christ and it s life in the wor·ld today. Special attention given to more crucial interpretive problems. Elective. BE 712 THE PASTORAL EPISTLES (2) The epistles to T imothy and Titus ex­ pounded in the light of t heir special em­ phasis upon pastoral ministration and church discipline. Elect ive. BE 713 THE ESCHATOLOGICAL EPISTLES (2) An exposition of First and Second Thessalonians and Second Peter wi th re­ gard to t ruth conce rning our Lord's retu rn and related matte1·s. Elective. BE 714 HEBREWS (2) An exposition showing the relation of the O ld Testament priesthood and sacri fi cial systems to New Testament fulfi llment in Christ Elective. BE 715 THE GEN ERAL EPISTLES (2) James, First Peter and Jude studied as to the occasion, purpose, structure. cont ents and message of each wri t ing. Elective. BE 716 THEJO HANNINE EPIST LES (2) A detailed study of these epistles which unfold the practical solution to the prob­ lems of fellowship and falsity. Elect ive.

BE 7 18 HIGHLIGHTS O FTHE SPIRITUAL LI FE (NT) (2) An exposition of key passages on the life of the believer, with a survey o f various systems of belief in regard to spiritual living and a correlation of various facets in the Christian experience . Elective. BE 7 1 9 BIBLICAL EXPO SITION O F PRAYER (2) An exposition of representative prayers and the teaching about prayer 1n the Old and N ew Testament s, w ith special empha­ sis on the nature of the Fat her, the exam­ ple and teaching of Jesus, t he role of the Holy Spirit, and the requ irement s of disci­ pleship. Elective. BE 720 BIBLICAL EXPOSITION O F REWARD (2) An exposi tory survey of the believer's fu­ ture reward according to representat ive passages in both testaments, also a com­ parison with concepts in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, Dead Sea scrol ls and Rabbi nic Judaism. Elective. BE 721 PROBLEM PASSAGES( 1-2) A study of selected important problem passages of both testaments in the light of hermeneutical pri nciples, incl uding a survey of literature in the field . Elective. BE 722 BI BLICAL SEMINAR (2) Guided research in some biblical area re­ lating to exposition, according to the stu­ dent's need and relevancy to min ist ry. Elective. BE 796 THESIS (0) Prescribed for MA (BS, B.E.) and Th.M. (Bible) students.

BE 80 I PARABLES(2) A sur vey of the parables in the Bible with special emphas is on the parables of Christ, rules govern ing thei r interpretati on and their dispensational import and appli cation in modern preaching. Elective for Th. M. students, others by department permis­ sion. BE 802 MIRACLES(2) A st udy of the miracles of Christ, their set­ ti ng, interpretation, dispensat ional signifi­ cance and appl ication in modern preach­ ing. Electtve for Th. M. students; others by department permission. BE 803 BIBLICAL GEOGRAPHY (2) A present ation of the cul tural develop­ ment of the Holy Land and nations of the Fert ile Crescent in relation to Israel, the strategic locati on of the Holy Land, the cli ­ mat e and t opography, and the locat ion of important place names. Elective for Th. M. students; others by department permission. BE 804 THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH BIBLE (2) The fasc inating story of how our English Bi­ ble is t raced from the ancient manuscripts t o the latest modern versions. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department per­ mission. (Same as NT 728). BE 805 BIBLICAL CHRONOLOGY (2) A survey of problems in chronology t hroughout Scri ptu re w ith special emphasis given to more crucial areas, such as Genesis I , the judges and the kings, and matters relat ing to Chr ist Elective fo r Th. M.. students; others by department permission. BE 806 BIBLE EX POSITION SEMINAR ( 1-4) Speci al guided research for BE majors who wish t o carry out some study that meets their need in an area of Bible exposit ion. The nature of the content may be deter­ mined in consultation with a faculty mem­ ber in the department Elective for Th.M. Students.

BE 807 EXPOSITION OF MATTHEW 13 and 24-25 (2) A special concentration on ex position that goes beyond the su r vey in BE 506 with. re­ gard to cu lture, textual problems, views and the integration of the passages w ith a biblical prophet ical picture overall. Elective fo r Th.M. students; others by department permission. BE 808 THE JOHANNINE CONCEPT OF THE OVERCOMER (2) A focus on the passages in Johannine books that relate to overcoming as they in­ tegrate with the Christian life, grace, fruit, reward and the general picture of ultimate blessedness. The course famil iarizes the student w ith the problems and literature on these areas as we ll as w ith principles and applicat ions. Elective for Th.M. stu­ dents; others by department permission.


A course designed to examine from an evangelical perspect ive the background and exegetical issues (such as: literary criti­ ci sm, sacramental ism, Judaism, Hellenism, Oriental myst ici sm, nascent gnostic ism and primitive liturgy) which are said to have in­ fluenced New Testament texts on praye r and the worship of earl y Christian commu­ nities. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permission. * BE 797 and 798 are prescribed for the M.Div. students major ing in thi s depart­ ment who wil l write a thesis. BE 797 will be taken at the completion of 64 units and BE 798 at the completion of 80 units. Nei­ ther of the two is applicable toward gradu­ at ion unless both have been completed .

BE 797 THESIS FIRST DRAFT (2) First draft of t hesis.* BE 798 THESIS FI NA L DRAFT (2) Final draft of thesis.*


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