Department of Semitics and Old Testament Thomas J. Finley, PhD, Chair Faculty Associate Professors: Finley, Rigsby The aim of this department is to ac­ quaint the student with the li fe, customs and thought of the Hebrews and their neighbors in the biblical and related periods; and to give the student an accu­ rate foundation in Hebrew grammar, syn­ tax and exegesis, so that his expositions of the English Bible will reflect this sound basis of interpretat ion. The department pur­ poses not to be exhaustive, but rather di­ rective in the matter of further indepen­ dent study from the original languages OT 506 OLD TESTAMENT INTRODUC­ TION (2) A study of the canon of the Old Testament and an examination of the foundations and concl usions of modern historical-crit ical methods with particular reference to Pentateuchal criticism; introduction to the separate books. Prescribed for MA (B.S., B.E.) and MA (CE.) students. (Not for O.T majors.) OT 603 ELEMENTS OF HEBREW (4) Basic grammar with translation and written exercises; readings of selected biblical texts . Prescr ibed for MDiv. and MA (B.S., OT) students. OT 604 ADVANCED HEBREW (4) Grammar and syntax with selected read­ ings and exegesis in biblical texts, including passages in Zechariah. Prescribed for MDiv and MA (B.S. , O.T) students.

TH 729 THE THEOLOGY OF THE GOSPELS (2) An examination of the theological teaching of Jesus as recorded in the four Gospe l narratives. Special attention 1s paid to the chronol ogical devel opment of themes taught by Christ in the light of His presen­ tation and rejection. Elective. TH 730 PAULINE THEOLOGY (2) The main themes of Pau l's doctri ne from the biblical theological perspective. Pre­ requisite: NT 501-502 Elective. TH 761 DIRECTED STUDY ( 1-4) Supervised readi ng and research in select­ ed areas of systematic theology. Elective. TH 796 THESIS(0) Prescribed for MA (TS.) and Th.M. (The­ ology) students.

Specialized research is emphasized. Elec­ tive for Th.M. students; others by depart­ ment permission. TH 813 JOHANNINE THEOLOGY (2) The theology of the Johannine writings. with emphasis upon the concepts that the writer himself emphasizes. Prerequisite NT 501-502. Elective for Th .M. students; others by department permission. TH 815 ADVANCED ECCLESIOLOGY (2) An intensive study of significant aspects of the church related to its nature, purpose and organization. Par-t icular attent ion di­ rected to current problem areas. Prereq­ uisite: TH 604 or the equivalent in ecclesi­ ology. Elective for Th .M. students ; others by department permission.

OT 704 OLD TESTAMENT PROPHECY (2) The character, extent and personalities of Old Testament prophecy, with a treatment of principles of prophetic interpretation. Elective.* OT 705 ADVANCED HEBREW READ­ ING (2) Selected passages of the Hebrew text with emphasis on reading and translation. Pre­ requisite: OT 604. Elective.*


A study of the details of Hebrew grammar and syntax along with read ings in the He­ brew text. Prerequisite: OT 604. Elective_;;-, OT 707 OLD TESTAMENT POETRY (2) The nature, scope and principles of He­ brew poetry in the O ld Testament. Com­ parisons with the poetry of the Near East. Elect ive. * OT 709-710 READING OF SELECTED PSALMSFROM THE HEBREW TEXT (2, 2) Part icular emphasis upon the devotional and practical values. Prerequisite: OT 604. Elective.* OT 71 1-7 12 MESSIANIC PROPHECIES (2, 2) The Messianic prophecies in their progres­ sive unfolding on the basis of the Hebrew text. Prerequisite: OT 604. Elective.* OT 714 READINGS IN THE MINOR PROPHETS(2) Selected passages from the minor proph­ ets w ith reference to the versions and in­ terpretative problems. Prerequisite: OT 604. Elective.* OT 716 OLD TESTAMENT TEXT, CAN­ ON AND INTRODUCTORY STUDIES (2) Text canon and examination of the foun­ dat ions and conclusions of modern histori­ cal-critical methods, with particular refer­ ence to Pentateuchal criticism; special in-


TH 797 THESIS FIRST DRAFT (2) First draft of thesis. '"

The religious and philosophical background of the period of the Reformation. A care­ ful examination of the theology of the Re­ formers to ascertai n their underlying prin ­ ciples and their- conceptual differences. An evaluation of their contribution to the­ ological thinking 1n the light of the Scrip­ tures and the current Roman Catholic the­ ology of their time. Elective for Th.M. stu­ dents; others by depai-tment permission . An investigation into the meaning and pur­ pose of the Kingdom of God and its pro­ gressive development within history. The course includes discussion of historical and contemporary theological positions with emphasis upon the biblical teaching 1n its historical framework. Elective for Th .M. students; others by department per­ m1ss1on. *'TH 797 and 798 are prescribed for the M.Div students majori ng in this depart­ ment who will write a thesis. TH 797 will be taken at the completion of 64 un its and TH 798 at the completion of 80 units. Nei­ ther of the two is appl icable toward gradu ­ ation unless both have been completed. TH 827 THE DOCTRINE OF THE KINGDOM (2)

TH 798 THESIS FINAL DRAFT (2) Final draft of thesis.*

TH 802 MILLENNIAL VIEWS (2) A careful and intensive study of the three main eschatological vi ews relative to the millennium; the historical and biblical st1·ength of the premillennial system; con­ si derat ion of the lead ing ami llennial writings A detailed analysis of the four po­ si t ions relative to the t ime of the rapture; a biblical and theological defense of the pretribulational view, with exegesis of crucial passages of Scripture. Prerequisite: TH 604. Elective for Th.M. students; oth­ ers by department permission. TH 806 THEOLOGY SEMINAR ( 1-4) Selected problems in the field of theology; emphasis upon independent research; ex­ tensive reading and wr itten thesis re­ quired . Elective for Th.M. students ; others by department permission. TH 81 I THEOLOGICAL PROBLEMS (2) The in-depth study of cer·tain theological areas, such as the divine decree, the prob­ lem of evil, the person of Christ the atonement and ministries of the Spirit.


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