Department of New Testament Language and Literature Robert L. Thomas , Th.D., Chair Faculty Professor: Thomas Associate Professor McDougall Ass istant Professor: Hutchison The purpose of this department is to impart to the student a knowledge of the Greek New Testament which includes three pr incipal areas: historical back­ grounds, Greek grammar and exegesis of the text. The plan is to provide students with tools which w ill enable them to ut il ize the Greek text in future study and in ex­ position of the Word of God. A qualifying examination in Greek is available to all students with previous Greek training. Those with a grade of "C" or higher on the examination will be en­ rolled in NT 505 and the rest in NT 50 I . NT 501-502 BEGINNING GREEK (2, 2) An introductory study of the basic elements of New Testament Greek. Trans­ lation of portions of the New Testament in the second semester. For those who are deficient in Greek and plan to study the language in seminary. Prescribed for those who do not qual ify by examination for NT 505. NT 505 GRAMMAR AND INTRODUC­ TION TO EXEGESIS(4) Translation, bui lding a Greek vocabulary, consideration of syntactical principles and the use of these in developing a compre­ hensive exegetical method. Prescribed for M.Div., M.A. (B.S.) and M.A (TS. ) students.

troduction of selected Old Testament books. Prescribed for M.Di v. and M.A. (BS., O.T) students. Prerequisite: OT 603. OT 717 ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE OLD TESTAMENT (2) A treatment of the archaeological method. Survey of the history of excavations in Pal­ estine, Egypt and Mesopotamia, and the bearing of discoveries on the Old Testa­ ment. Elective.*'

OT 81 I SEMINAR IN SEMITIC LAN­ GUAGES (2-4) Introductory grammatical studies in Ugarit ic. Arabic, Akkadian, Syriac or Mod­ ern Hebrew; readings in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions; or other ad­ vanced Semitic st udies. Prerequ isite: OT 604 and department permission. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permission. May be repeated for cred it with different emphasis.* A survey of the origin. nature and value of the Greek Old Testament with a reading of selected portions and comparison with the Hebrew text. Investigation of the methods of the translators. Prerequisite: OT 604 and NT 502. Elect ive for Th.M. students ; others by department permis­ sion.'* * Electives are offered by rotation and on request. **OT 797 and 798 are prescribed for OT 812 READINGS IN THE SEPTUAGINT (2) the M.Div students majoring in this depart­ ment who will write a thesis. OT 797 will be taken at the completion of 64 units and OT 798 at the completion of 80 units. Nei­ ther of the two is applicable toward gradu­ ation unless both have been completed.

OT 798 THESIS FINAL DRAFT (2) Final draft of thesis. **

OT 80 I THE BOOK OF JOB (2) The underlying problems in the book, the interpretation of the text. its light on the problem of sufferi ng, and comparison w ith the poetry of Ras Shamra and other Near Eastern texts. Elect ive for Th.M. students; others by department permission. ' ' OT 803-804 EXEGESIS OF ISAIAH (3, 3) A treatment of the text in the light of its historical background and style, with emphasis on the ful lness of the lsaian ic contribution in the field of Messianic prophecy. Prerequisi te: OT 604. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permission. * OT 805-806 EXEGESIS OF JEREMIAH AND EZEKIEL (3, 3) A detailed considerat ion of the histor ical background of these prophets, a t reat­ ment of the significant Messian ic pred ic­ t ions of each book and emphasis on the textual and interpretative problems of the books. Prerequ isi te: OT 604. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permission. * OT 807 OLD TESTAMENT TEXTUAL CRIT ICISM (2) A study of the Massoretic notes, the paral­ lel passages and the versions with an at­ tempt at explanation of the variations. Elective for Th.M. students; others by de­ partment permission.* OT 808 OLD TESTAMENT SEMINAR (2-4) Detailed research in some phase of the Old Testament field, such as exegesis. spe­ cific topics in history and introduction, or archaeology of selected geographical areas. Prerequisite: OT 604 and department permission. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permission. May be repeated for credit with different emphasis.*


The history of excavation, the history and geography of the land and the bearing upon the Old Testament. Elective.*


Consideration of the non-canonical litera­ ture from the period between the Testa­ ments. Emphasis on the development of Jewish thought during the centuries before the advent of Christianity. Elective.* OT 730 THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS (2) A survey of the discoveries, the origin of the Qumran Community, its beliefs and practices and the relationship of the finds to Old and New Testament studies. Elective.* OT 731 BIBLICAL ARAMAIC (4) A study of the grammar with emphasis on comparisons with Hebrew; translating of all the Aramaic of Daniel and Ezra. Prereq­ uisite: 604. Elective.-* A consideration of selected Old Testament passages with emphasis on historical back­ ground and detailed exegesis from the He­ brew text. Prerequisite OT 604. Elective.-* OT 796 THESIS(0) Prescribed for M.A. (B.S., O.T) and Th.M. (O.T) students. OT 732 SEMINAR IN HEBREW EXEGESIS (2-4)

OT 797 THESIS FIRST DRAFT (2) First draft of thesis.**


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