NT 506 EXEGESIS OF SELECTED EPIS­ TLES (4) Exegetical study of four epistles taken from the following list: I Thessalon ians, II Thessalonians, James, I Peter, I John. Atten­ t ion given to cont nt, author's styles and the epistles· characteristics and to assisting each student to develop an exegetical methodology. Prerequisite: NT 505. Pre­ scribed for MDiv. and MA (B.S., NT) students. NT 603 EXEGESIS OF THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS (2) Advanced exegesis dealing with the origi­ nal text. Special attention given to the structu1-e and to the interpretative prob­ lems of the epistle. P1-erequ1s1te NT 505. Elective. * NT 604 EXEGESIS OF THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS (2) Advanced exegesis of the Greek text. Preparation of a commentary by the stu­ dent on a selected portion. Prerequisite NT 505. Elective -:;, NT 606 NEW TESTAMENT INTRO­ DUCTION (2) New Testament h1storrca l backgrounds; English translations of the New Testament; formation , history, extent and transmission of the canon; special introduction of each New Testament book. Prescribed for MA (B.S.. B.E. ) and MA (CE.) students. NT 706 EXEGESISOF THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS (2) Translation and exegesis of the epistle. Preparation of a commentary by the stu­ dent. Prerequisit : NT 505. Elect ive. * NT 707 EXEGESIS OF THE EPISTLE TO THE COLOSSIANS (2) Introduction to the epistle w ith emphasis upon the problems present 1n the Co loss1an church. Exegesis of the epistle. Prerequisite; NT 505. Elective.·t'

NT 708 EXEGESIS OF THE EPISTLE OF SECOND CORINTHIANS (2) A detailed study of the Greek text of the epistle with special attention given to problems of grammar and interpretation. Prerequisite NT 505. Elective.* NT 709 LIFE OF CHRIST (2) A study of the mission, life and teachings of Christ on the basis of a harmony of the Gospels. Attention given to the similarities and differences in the Gospel accounts. Elective. * NT 7 14 THE SYNOPTIC DISCOURSES OF CHRIST (2) Christ's major discourses in the Synoptic Gospels, with principal emphasis upon the Sermon on the Mount, the Parables of the Mysteries of the Kingdom and the Olivet Discourse. Prerequisite: NT 505. Elective. '.,, NT 7 15 RAPID READING IN THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT (2) Directed readi ng designed to supplement the student's knowledge of the Greek New Testament, to increase his vocabulary, and to provide him with further applica­ t ion and understanding of Greek grammar. Prerequisite: NT 505 . Elective.* NT 7 16 NEW TESTAMENT TEXT, CAN­ ON AND INTRODUCTORY STUDIES (2) Textual cr it icism; format ion, history, extent and transmission of the canon; special in­ troduction of selected New Testament books. Prerequisite: NT 505. Prescr ibed for MDiv. and MA (B.S., OT and NT) student s, other-s by department permis­ sion. NT 7 17 SEN IOR SEMINAR (2-4) Supervised research of designated prob­ lems in New Testament literature, history, interpretation or theology. Elective.* NT 718 EXEGESIS OF THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANS (2) A detailed exegesis of the original text to­ gether w ith a consideration of the histor i­ cal problems which are involved . Prerequi­ site NT 505 . Elective.*

NT 719 EXEGESIS O F THE PASTORAL EPISTLES (2) An examination of I Timothy, II Timot hy and T itus; research on selected portions by the student. Prerequisite: NT 505. Elective.* NT 720 EXEGESISOF THE APOCA­ LYPSE (2) A study based on the original text; term proiect by the student on an assigned sub­ ject. Prerequisite: NT 505. Elective.* NT 722 EXEGESIS OF THE GOSPEL OF LUKE (2) Extensive translation in the Gospel. Exegesis of selected portions. Consider­ ation of the contr ibut ion of this book to one's knowledge of the life of Christ. Ex ­ ami nat ion of style and vocabulary of Luke. Prerequisite: NT 505. Elective.* NT 725 EXEGESIS OF I CORINTHIANS 12- 14 (2) An exegetical analysis of t his section w ith particular attention given to areas of diffi­ culty regarding the subject of spiritual gifts. Prerequisite: NT 505 . Elective.* NT 727 NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY (2) New Testament historical backgrounds and archaeology. Prescribed for MA (B.S., NT) students. NT 728 ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT (2) A study of the history, philosophy, textual basis, theological perspective and style of various English translations of the New Testament. Prerequ isi te NT 505. Elective.* NT 730 EXEGESIS OF THE EPISTLE TO THE PHILIPPIANS (2) A detailed study of the Greek text of the epistle with special attention given to the problems of grammar and interpretation. Prerequ isite: NT 505. Elective.*

NT 796 THESIS (0) Prescribed for MA (B.S., N T ) and Th.M. (NT) students .

NT 797 THESIS FIRST DRAFT (2) First draft of thesis. **

NT 798 THESIS FINA L DRAFT (2) Final draft of thesis. **

NT 80 I TEXTUAL CRIT ICISM OF THE NEW TESTAMENT (2) The origin and history of textual crit icism. Study of the relative value of manuscr ipts and the examination of textual theories. Prerequ isite: NT 7 16. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permis­ sion.* NT 802 THE INTER-BIBLICAL PERIOD (2) . The pol it ical, social, rel igi ous and literary history of the Jews in the period between the O ld and New Testament as an aid to a clearer understanding of the Gospel ac­ counts and the Apostolic Age. Prerequ i­ site: NT 727. Elective. * NT 803-804 ADVANCED GREEK GRAM­ MAR (2, 2) An intensive study of AT. Robertson's A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research along with other standard works on grammar. Pre­ requisite: NT 505, 506, 603 and 604. Elective.* NT 805 THE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS(2-4) Introduct ion to and examination of the Synoptic Problem in a Greek harmony of the Gospels and scholarly works on the subject. Special attention to the similarit ies and differences, the importance and unique contribution of each Gospel ac­ count. Prerequisite: NT 716. Elective for Th .M. students; others by department per­ mission. *


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