Department of Church History James H. Chr ist ian, ThD, Chair Faculty Professor: Christian The aims of this department are to ac­ quaint the student with the environment of early Christianity; the spiritual culture and heritage which have constituted the mission, purpose and objectives of the Christian church; and subsequent develop­ ments in the church's outworking of its commission. Church history from Pentecost to the Ref­ ormation. Emphasis upon the develop­ ment of doctrine, organization and the Ro­ man Catholic Church. Place and impor­ tance of monast icism, scholasticism, mysticism and the Renaissance. Influence of leading personalities. Prescr ibed for M.Div. and MA (Min.) students. CH 505 EARLY AND MEDIEVAL CHURCH HISTORY (3) CH 506 PROTESTANT REFORMATION AND MODERN CHURCH HISTORY (3) Church history from I 5 17 to the present. Emphasis on t he causes and development of t he Reformation, Protestant denomina­ t ions, Engl ish and American Christianity. Opportunity provided for each student to familiarize himself with the history and pol­ ity of his or her church. Prescribed for M.Div. st udent s. CH 508 THE CHURCH IN THE AMERI­ CAN EXPERIENCE (3) A religious history of the United States from the colonial to the contemporary pe­ riod, emphasizing the Church's effect on and its response to Puritanism, the west­ ward movement, social and intellectual fer ­ ment, industrialization, immigration, urban­ ization and war. Offered alternate years.

NT 806 THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES (2) Introduction to the book, the emphasis upon its importance and its historicity. Translation of the text with exegesis of certain sections. Comparison of style with that of Luke's Gospel and compar ison of Peter's and Paul's speeches with their epis­ tles. Elective for Th.M. students; others by department permission. * NT 807 MORPHOLOGYAND ETYMOL­ OGY OF NEW TESTAMENT WORDS (2) A study of the historical and dialectal de­ velopment of t he format ion and meani ng of words in the Greek New Testament. Prerequ isite: NT 505, 506, 603, 604. Elec­ tive for Th.M. students; others by depart­ ment permission. * NT 808 COMPARAT IVE STYLE OF NEW TESTAMENT WRITERS (2) Comparison of style, vocabulary and the­ ological concepts of the various New Tes­ tament writers on the basis of selected portions of the writings of each in the Greek New Testament. Elective for Th. M. students; others by department permis­ sion. NT 817-818 RESEARCH SEMINAR (2-4, 2-4) Pri nciples of thorough research. Super­ vised research into some problem of spe­ cial interest to the student approved by the professor. Per iodic reports of progress to the other members of the seminar and abstract of conclusions reached. May be taken for one semester or conti nued throughout the year with the same prob­ lem under consideration. Prescribed one semester, for Th.M. (NT) students; others by department permission. * *Electives are offered by rotation and on request. **NT 797 and 798 are prescribed for the M.Div. students majoring in this depart­ ment who will write a thesis. NT 797 will be taken at the completion of 64 units. and NT 798 at the completion of 80 units. Nei ­ ther of the two is applicable toward gradu­ ation unless both have been completed.

CH 708 CLASSICS OF THE CHRIST IAN CHURCH (2) A study of som of the outstanding literary productions of Christian leaders and writ­ ers. Elective.

CH 522 RENAISSANCE AND REFOR­ MATION (3) Europe from the late fourteenth to early seventeenth century. Stress on changes in­ augurated by the Renaissance and Refor­ mation; rise of nation-states and founda­ tion of modern European society. Offered alternate years. CH 558 PURITANISM (3) A survey of the Puritan movement with emphasis on its establishment and practice in New England. Theological, social , politi­ cal, economic and cultu ral aspects consid­ ered, including analysis of the Pu r itan influ­ ence on American Evangelicalism. A historical and theological comparative study of the origins and development of Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism and the Anabaptist and Free Church traditions. Emphasis on the beliefs and practices of these groups today and their relationship to the evangelical Christian. CH 560 THE EVANGELICAL TRADI ­ TION (3) CH 70 I HISTORY O F DOCTRINE (2) A historical survey of the development of selected Christian doctrines from the first century to the present. Emphasis upon the factors underlying the ir frn-mulat ion in the light of church history. Prerequ isites TH 502, TH 603 , TH 604. CH 505 and CH 506. Prescribed for M.Div and MA (TS.) students, others by department per­ m1ss1on. CH 702 THE CHURCH FATHERS (2) An introduct ion to the Ante-Nicene. N i­ cene and Post-Nicene Fathers w ith special emphasis upon the development of doc­ trine and church. Elective. CH 705 HISTORY OF REVIVALS (2) The background, development and results of the great revivals in America. Elect ive.


The history, distinctives and polity of the student's denomination or church. Pre­ scribed for M.Div. students not taking CH 506 1n this seminary. CH 718 RESEARCH SEMINAR (2-4) Supervised research, with periodic reports to seminar membei-s, in an approved area of special interest to the student. Elect ive. CH 722 CULTS OF AMERICA (Same as PHR 722) (2) The dist inct ive features of the cu lt s of America with their significance in t he de­ velopment of religious thought and with part icular reference to their treatment of the central features of orthodox Chr ist ian doctrine. Elect ive.

CH 797 THESIS FIRST DRAFT (2) First draft of thesis.* CH 798 THESIS FINAL DRAFT (2) Final draft of thesis.*

* CH 797 and 798 a1-e prescr ibed for t he M.Div. students majoring in this depart­ ment who will write a thesis. CH 797 w ill be taken at the completion of 64 units and CH 798 at the completion of 80 units. Nei­ ther of the two is applicable toward gradu ­ ation unless both have been completed.


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