CE 649 INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOL­ OGY (2) Admi nistration of the audio-visual program for the local chu rch. Methods for use of materials for various age levels. Study of equipment and source materials, principle and practices. Elective. CE 720 COLLEGE TEACHING PROCE­ DURES (2) (Same as PT 720) Consideration given to the various ph ilos­ oph ies of education, theories of learni ng, the factors that influence learning at the undergraduate and graduate level. Empha­ sis given to becoming a more effective teacher. Variables in motivation, retention, transfer and high level thinking w il l be dis­ cussed. A supervised classroom teachi ng exper-i ence is requ ired . Prescr ibed for Th.M. students. CE 730-731 CREATIVE PERSONALITY FOR MINISTRY (2, 2) Deve lopment of a more creative personal­ ity and lifestyle. Emphasis given to creative personhood, problem solving and present­ ing. Study into the value of creativity in the ministry. One or more sections may be of­ fered each year with different emphasis . Ministerial Counseling and Family Ministries CE 522 COUNSELING MINISTRY IN THE CHURCH (4) The ministry of counseling in church con­ text. First consideration given to the strengths, weaknesses and unresolved is­ sues of the counselor. Focus of the course on skills in developing relationships, facil i­ tating realization and encouraging respon­ sible living. Attention given to crisis coun­ seling as well as issues such as building a counseling ministry team. Prescribed for MA (CE.) and MA (M.FM. ). CE 617 PERSONAL AND INTERPER­ SONAL DEVELOPMENT (Same as PT 717)(2) Emphasis on personal and interpersonal growth through individual assignments and small group interactions. Opportunity giv-

en for spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and relat ional development. Required of two year MACE. students. CE 624 SMALL GROUP LEADERSH IP (Same as PT 724) (2) Roles of smal l groups in the church in pro­ viding fellowship, mutual ministry and edifi­ cation. Skills for organizing and leading groups. Introduction to dynamics of small group interaction. CE 627 PREMARITAL PREPARATION AND COUNSELING (Same as PT 727) (2) Counse ling techniques applied to dating and courtship, engagement and premarital adjustments. Principles and structures of premarital counseling are stressed and demonstrated. Emphasis on the use of TJTA Prepare and Family History analysis. Prerequ isite: CE 522 or permission of pro­ fessor. Prescribed for MA (M.FM.) students. CE 628 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY COUNSELING (Same as PT 728) (4) Advanced course dealing with problems and conflicts within marriage and family settings. Counsel ing methods and practical behavioral methods from a scr iptural con­ text designed to meet problems and con­ flicts; conducted via demonstrations, case studies and counsel ing involvement. Pre­ requisite: CE 522 and 627 and permission from the department chairman. Pre­ scribed for MA (M.F. M. ) students . Elective. CE 629 GROUP COUNSELING AND THERAPY (Same as PT 729) (2) Training in the principles of counseling and therapy in a group setting. The class itself used as a laboratory experience with the student participating both in the role of therapist and client. Prerequisite CE 624. Elective. CE 673 BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE FAMILY (Same as PT 773) (2) Relating biblical teachings about marriage, family and human relationships to the nu-

clear and extended families, early marriage and parenti ng skills. Prescribed for MA (M.FM. ) students. Elective. CE 674 THE FAMILY O F THE CHRIS­ TIAN LEADER (Same as PT 774) (2) A consideration of the special and unique problems faced by vocational Christian workers and their fami lies. Includes all phases of occupat ional Christian min istry. Elective. CE 675 FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION IN THE LOCAL CHURCH (Same as PT 775) (4) Objectives, organ izat ion and administra­ t ion of a program of family li fe education in the local church. Includes an analysis of cur­ rent trends in fami ly life educat ion. Pre­ scribed for MA (M.F.M. ) students. CE 715 FOUNDATIONS OF SINGLE ADULT LIFE CYCLE (2) A study of the history and current trends of the non-family household. Special em­ phasis on the single adult developmental li fe-cycle, identity and needs. Attention to the non-family household impact on church ministries currently and in the fu ­ ture. Elective. CE 716 MINISTRY TO SINGLE ADULTS (2) Investigat ion of single adult ministries in the context of the local church. Emphasis in the development of an effective single adult ministry Various proven and experi­ mental models of single adult mi nistries will be examined. Elective. CE 722 COUNSELING TROUBLED FAMI LI ES (2) A comparison of positive and negative family systems in Scripture, in theory and in church li fe. The development of a team approach to intervention, enrichment and equipping for ministry to families. Prereq­ uisite: CE 522, 628 and 675 or their equiv­ alents. Prescribed for MA (M.FM. ) stu­ dents. Elect ive.

CE 642 LEISURE, RECREATION AND THE CHURCH (2) Exploration into the biblical concepts of leisure and the use of leisure time. Patterns of recreational and social activities in the local church. Leadership development in recreational skills. Elective. CE 644 MUSIC IN THE CHURCH (Same as PT 644)(2) The place of music in the church's pro­ gram. Criteria for t he selection of appro­ priate music. Techniques for leadi ng music and teachi ng various groups. The relation­ ship of music to worship, instruct ion and fellowship. Elective. CE 645 HYMNOLOGY (Same as PT 645) (2) The histor ical development of hymns and hymn tunes in t he several national tradi­ tions, with emphasis upon the English hymn; evaluation and the use of hymns. Elective. CE 647 CONGREGATIONAL AND CHORAL CONDUCTING (Same as PT 647)(2) Instruction in the fundamentals of the con­ ductor's art, beginning w ith the simple rhythms and advanci ng to the larger forms of church music. Elective. CE 648 RELIGIOUS JOURNALISM (2) The fundamental principles and basic forms of writing. Attention to writing for newspapers, denominat ional and interde­ nominational publications, radio and televi­ sion. The writing of drama for Christian magazines. The value, principles, planning and promotion of church publicity The place of public relations in the li fe of the church. Practice in preparation of bulletins, news releases, promotional letters and dis­ play advertising. Emphasis on direct mail, radio and television. Elective.


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