Acadeniic Calendar 1985-86

The William W . Bass Memorial Scholar­ ship Award - Given to a second or third year student who has demonstrated a keen interest in Philosophy of Religion and/ or Theology. The Inez Gooden Memorial Scholarship Award - Given to a semi nary student with financial need. The Gordon Johnson Scholarship Award - Given to a seminary student perform­ ing well academically in one of the Bible re­ lated fie lds. To a seminary student with special interest and ability in the area of outreach, established by the International Fisherman's Club. The Walker Scholarship Award - The Grateful Award - Granted to an outstanding senior preacher having finan­ cial need, given by the Diamond Bar Evan­ gelical Free Church. The Baker Book Award in Christian Edu­ cation - Given to the graduate who has distinguished himself in the study of theol­ ogy. The American Bible Society Award - Given t o the st udent w ho has distinguished himsel f in meani ngful and interpretive pub­ lic readi ng of the Scriptures. The Louis T. Talbot Memorial Scholarship Award -

University Day (begins 7:00 p.m. Thursday- 3:00 p.m. Friday: regular classes meet - no exams) Final draft of Graduate education ma1ors proiect due Day of Prayer (special schedule of meetings) Rcg1strat1on for 1nterterm and pre­ reg1strat1on for spring semester Thanks1v1ng recess (classes resume 7:30 a.m., Mon., December 2 Last day to withdraw from classes Talbot and lntercultural Studies students' first draft of thesis due Final day of instruction Mid-year commencement lnte rte rm 1986 Classes began - late reg1strat1on Psychology graduate advanced comprehensive exam1nat1on Final day of 1nstruct1on, undergraduate students Final day of 1nstruct1on. graduate students Spring Semester 1986 Onentat1on and Registration for new undergraduate students Orientation and reg1strat1on for new graduate students Reg1strat1on for graduate and continuing students

October 24-25

May 12-14

Reg1strat1on for summer school (by mail or 1n person)

May 26

Memorial Day Holiday (observed)

October 31

May 30

Final day of 1nstruct1on

May 31


November 6 November 18- December 6 November 28- December I November 29 December IO

Summe r Session 1986

June 2-20

First session (3 weeks), undergraduate courses

June 2-27 First session (4 weeks ), graduate courses June 16-20 Psychology graduate comprehens,ve examinations June 23-July 25 Second session (5 weeks). undergraduate courses June 30-July 25 Second sess,on (4 weeks). graduate courses August. 1-15 Psychology graduate comprehensive examinations

Summer Session 1985 Reg,strauon (by mail or 1n person): all cont1nu1ng students Registration - first session, new students: late reg1strat1on for cont1nu1ng students First sess,on (3 weeks): undergraduate courses

May 13-15

December 20 December 20

May 28. May 31

June 3-21

January 6 January 17

June 3-28

First sess,on (4 weeks): graduate courses

June 17-21

Psychology graduate comprehensive exam1nat1ons Second session (5 weeks): undergraduate courses

January 24

June 24-July 26

January 31

Second session (4 weeks): graduate courses

July I -July 26

August 12-16

Psychology graduate comprehens,ve examinations

January 29-31

January 30-31

Fall Semester 1985 University faculty workshop

August 21-23

January 30- 3 I

August 24

Parent's Day

August 26

Reception for new undergraduate students

February 3 February 12 February 14 February 20-21

Convocation and classes begin Last day to complete reg1strat1on Last day to add new classes

Orientation and registration for new undergraduate students Cont1nu1ng undergraduate student registrati on Orientation and registration for all new graduate students

August 26-28

August 27-28

University Day {begins 7:00 p.m.. Thursday- 3:00 p.m.. Friday: regular classes meet - no exams) First draft of Graduate education maJors pro1ect due Day of Prayer (speoal schedule of meetings) Talbot and lntercultural Studies students' final draft of thesis due Easter Recess (classes resume 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 3 I) Comprehensive Wnnen Exams for Ed.0. program Missions Conference/special schedule of workshops and meetings in place of regular class schedule) Final draft o f Graduate education maiors pro1ects due Pre-reg1strat1on for fall semester. undergraduate students Pre-registration for fall semester, graduate students Last day to withdraw from classes Rosemead students' doctoral dissertations to librarian

August 27-28

March 13

Claim resident hall room by noon

August 28

Registration for all graduate cont1nu1ng students Convocat1on and beg1nnin~ of classes for all students

August 28

March 19 March 20

August 29

March 22-31

The Rotary Club Scholarship Award -

Labor Day Holiday

September 2

September 6-7

Talbot Seminary New Graduate Student Retreat

March 31- Apnl 11 April 14-18

Spiritual Emphas,s Week (regular classes meet)

September 9-13

September I I

Last day to complete reg1strat1on

September 13

Last day to add new classes

April 17

First d r·aft of Gradua te education maiors proiect due Torrey Memonal Bible Conference and Lyman Stewart Memorial Lectures (October 15-18) (special schedule of workshops and meetings 1n place of regular class schedule)

October 3

April 28-May 16

October 14- 18

May 6-9

May 9 May 9

Comprehensrve Wnnen Exams for Ed.D.

October 24- November I



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